Will There Be an Earthquake at the Extraordinary Synod?Will There Be an Earthquake at the Extraordinary Synod? – Jimmy Akin

The Devil’s War On Silence in Mass – Dan Burke, National Catholic Reg
Benedict XVI, Bshp Schneider & Communion in the Hand – A. Carosa
Homeschooling: Decline or Diversification? – J. Knippenberg, First Things
Does Objective Morality Depend Upon God? – J. Heschmeyer, Strng Ntns
The Saint Who Boldly Tore Down Pagan Temples – Ed West, CthlcHrld
Mary is Living in my Heart? Help! – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic St
Guest Post: What Appeals to Me Most in the EF Mass – Fr. Z’s Blog
Lord, Give Us Holy Leisure – Lisa Schmidt, Catholic Mom
Praying in Greece – Gerard V. Bradley, Public Discourse
The Divinity of Jesus Christ, Scripture and Words – Msgr. Charles Pope
Confessions of a Sexist Mom – Angela Wiltz, Tavern Keepers
Catholic Traditionalism verses Fundamentalism – Shane Schaetzel
Pope Francis: Christianity is Like an Invitation to a Feast – J. Heimann
The Family that Prays the Rosary Together – Terry McDermott
Philosopher Alice von Hildebrand Honored by Pope Francis – Burger
“Circus Liturgy” in Solothurn; The Simony of Circus Priest Heller – TEF
Wonderful Exhibition of Sargent Watercolors – D. Clayton, Way of Beauty
Reflections On My Time Away – Thomas Peters, Catholic Vote
All Souls Procession at Wyoming Catholic College – Peter Kwasniewski
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