Importance of Making Things Right: 31st Sunday in O. T. – John Bergsma
Mysteriously Moved by Sacred Music – Trent Beattie, The Daily Register
Loathe Nothing That God Has Made – Fr. Christopher M. Zelonis, TS-H
Holiness in Photographic Negative: Bl. Junipero Serra – Chr. O. Blum
Zachaeus and the Little Way – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Stndng on my Hd
The Franciscan Univ. of Steubenville Story – Beverly Stevens, Regina Mg
What Faith Is and What it Isn’t – Fr. Robert Barron, Strange Notions
What Is Detachment from Venial Sin? – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
In Rome, February Will Be a Time for Cardinals – Edward Pentin, NCReg
We Need More Brainy Cardinals like Prosper Grech – Fr. Alx. Lucie-Smith
“Satan, Haunter of the World, Is Haunted by Holiness” – Jamey Brown
Hearing Chant in a Completely New Way – Jeffrey A. Tucker, TheChntCfé
Catholic Dads: The Mood in Marital Bedroom – E. Neubauer, 21 Cntr Plgr
Francis, They Hardly Know Ye – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACatholic
Trust: The Ultimate Bait-n-Switch Game – Nic Davidson, Ignitum Today
Introducing The Chastity Project – Daniel McInerny, Aleteia
Yale Pro-Life Conf. Encourages Engagement with Culture – Adl. Mena
Univ. of Dallas Receives Largest Gift in Ever f/Alumni Couple – A. Wilson
Fighting a Good Fight – Anthony Esolen, The Catholic Thing
O Joyful Catholics, Where Are You? – Randy Hain, Integrated Cthlc Life™
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