Edward Peters PhDThis is Why We Have Canon 428 – Dr. Edward Peters, Light of the Law

Priest Announces He Enjoyed Reading . . .  – Eye of the Tiber
Cardinal Arinze on the Role of the Laity – Catholic World Report
The Battle of Helm’s Deep: LEGO Edition! – Frank Weathers, YIMCath
Catholic Doctor May Be Struck Off for Refusing Abortion – S. Caldwell
Lust: It’s Not Always About Sex – Anonymous, Homiletic & Pastoral Rw
On Humility in Prayer – Msgr. Charles Pope, ADW Blog
Our Lady of Czestochowa and the Freedom Tower – Reclaim’g Child
The Apostle of Human Rights – Carlos X, Super Martyrio
“The Exorcist” and the Priesthood – Matthew Olson, YOUCATholic
St. Francis of Assisi’s Fiery Love of Jesus in the Eucharist – Millegan, Alt
Teachers: You Using Catholic Classroom Management? – Murphy, T&C
Pius XII Knew Would Be Misunderstood Over the Holocaust – E. Harris
World’s Most Famous Physicist Tells His Story – P. Cusworth, Mercator
NoFap: One Small Step for Man – Michael W. Hannon, Public Disc
Writing Is On the Wall for Ireland Large Catholic Hospital – F. Phillips
Pope Pius XII’s New Twitter Account! – Fr. Z’s Blog
Is the Infant of Prague Idolatrous? – Scott Eric Alt, Logos & Muse
Homosexual Persecution of Christians: Latest Evidence – S. Beale, CM
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