The Prelate of the Gay Lobby – Sandro Magister, Chiesa
Sister Goes Door to Door Asking Catholics to Return to Mass – Fr. Z’s Blog
Saint Thomas More on the Zimmerman Case – Donald R. McClarey JD, TAC
Details of Pope Francis’s World Youth Day Visit Revealed – Cin. Wooden
Indulgences on Relationship w/God, Not Twitter Followers – M. Wiering
Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter Turns 25 – Trent Beattie, Daily Register
Only By My Tradition – Byz Pulpit
The Heroic Life & Sufferings of Bl. Pavol Gojdic – Jason Liske, As Mt. Cr
Tragic Worship – Carl R. Trueman, First Things
Our Essential Disfigurement & the Reparation of Fiction – Joshua Hren
Should the U. S. be a Catholic Society? – James Kalb, Crisis Magazine
Can a Person make a Pact with the Devil – Fr. Fortea, Cthlc Spiritual Drctn
Is Dialogue Impossible Now? – Colin Gormley, Ignitum Today
Dangers to the Faith – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic Stand
Vatican Freezes Bank Accounts of Arrested Monsignor – Cindy Wooden
Disabled Babies, Moms & Men: Can We Please Love Them All – Tillotson
What Will Wake America? – God & Caesar
The Vatican Bank Is Rocked by Scandal Again – David Willey, BBC
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