Letter To Hans Küng . . . in 1963! – Jeff Ostrowski, Views from Choir Loft
How Do We Group Homosexuality? Help from St. Aquinas – T. Marshall PhD
Homily Never Going To End, Sources Confirm – Eye of the Tiber
Why the Church Opposes Surrogate Motherhood – Msgr. Charles Pope
Catholics and Conspiracy Theories – Tim Glemkowski, Ignitum Today
Why We Still Love Lucy – Cheryl Dickow, Catholic Lane
Pope: It’s Wrong to Think Our Enemies Must Go to Hell – CNA
Jesus and Marriage? A Theological Response – Jared Staudt PhD, H&PR
Come to Our Blognic in Rome! – Gregory Dipippo, New Liturgical Movement
Dawkins’ Rule – Bob Drury, They Have No Wine
Big Difference: Struggling with SSA & Coming Out ‘Gay’ – C. E. Olson, CWR
The Modus Operandi of Death Rights Advocates – Adam J. MacLeod, PD
Kanye West’s ‘Blood on the Leaves’: Anti-Abortion Anthem? – N. Troester
Muslim Teens Receive ‘Community Service’ for Rape – Renee Nal, TC
I Can’t Blame My Friends in Syria . . . – Fr. A. Lucie-Smith, Catholic Herald
The Worldwide Advance of the Gay Agenda – Dale O’Leary, Aleteia
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