G. Wash. U. Priest, Marriage & Same-Sex Attraction

Crd. Wuerl Says Great Homily in Support of G. W. Univ. Chaplain – D. Eden
Homosexualists Threatens Religious Freedom at G. W. Univ. – Msgr. Pope
The Road to Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ was Paved by Rousseau – Rob. R. Reilly
Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Fever: Prohibition Parallels – Doug Mainwaring, PD
How We Lost the Same-Sex “Marriage” Battle – Val Bianco, Catholic Stand
Rod Dreher on the Sexual Revolution – R. R. Reno, Frst Thngs/Frst Thghts
Better Communication = Better Sex (& vice versa) – J. Q. Tomanek, Ign Tdy
Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ in Ireland? – J. C. von Krempach JD, Trtl By & Bynd
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