Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Debate Saturday Update

Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ & the Infertility Objection – Trent Horn, Cthlc Answrs
Summa Contra Dowd – Joshua Schulz, First Things/On the Square
Supreme Court Asks Tough Questions on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – G. Stanton
Msgr. Charles Pope on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – P. Zummo, The Amrcn Cthlc
The Unseemly Campaign Directed at One Man – Austin Ruse, Crisis Mgzn
Marriage vs. marriage (or, What is marriage?) – Mollie Ziegler, P/Gt Rlgn
Some Thoughts on Marriage – Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™
They Just Don’t Get It. . . – Cristina, Catholic Sistas
58% of Children Raised by Lesbians Call Themselves ‘Gay’ – M. Archbold
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