Was the Mass of Padre Pio Equal to the Mass of Fr Marcial Maciel – Dr. Taylor Marshall, CT

Crossing the Channel: The Witness of St. Edmund Campion – Th. M. Doran, The CWR Blg

Baltimore Ravens’ Matt Birk, a Catholic, Stays Centered on Christ – Trent Beattie

God, Science, and the Pro-life Movement – Elizabeth Hoxie, Ignitum Today

An Office Hymn for Candlemas: Let Zion’s Bridal Room Be Clothed – Kathleen Pluth

Church Militant: Forward March! – Jay Boyd PhD, Catholic Stand

A Day of Salvation that Wasn’t: On Reading Catholic Writers – Dr. Jf. Mirus, Cthlc Cltr

Quæritur: Blessing Chickens – Fr. Z’s Blog

Canon Lawyer: Bishop has Warned National Catholic Reporter – Carl Bunderson, CNA

The Heresy of Our Day, Bad can Do Good – Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot to Leave

The Latest From the “Pius Wars” Front – Michael Coren, The Catholic World Report

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity are Not Human Rights – Austin Ruse, C-FAM

And Now, the Boy Scouts of America Must Decide – Rod Dreher

Reflections of a Former Fetus and Former Incubator – Jen. R. Morse, Public Discourse

Female Parishioners Upset Men Not Asked To Set Altar Before Mass – Eye of the Tiber


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