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A Shocker in Philly – Carl E. Olson, The Catholic World Report

Beauty Communicates Something Beyond Words – David Clayton, New Liturgical Mvmnt

Eight Spiritual Maxims from Saint John of the Cross – Abram Muenzberg, St. Peter’s List

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York – Kenneth J. Wolfe, Rorate Cæli

Eight Books on J. R. R. Tolkien’s Catholicism – Brandon Vogt,

St. Prisca (Priscilla) – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire

Christians: Siblings, Not ‘Friends’? – Wesley Hill, First Things/First Thoughts

“How Do You Expect Me to Follow That?” – Ink and Quill, Ignitum Today

The Church, Nonprofits, and Taxes – Dimitri Cavalli, The Catholic World Report

Morsi’s Egypt Persecuting Chrisitans and Obama Won’t Do Anything – William Oddie, CH

Why the French, of All People, Resist the Redefinition of Marriage – Phil Lawler

Pope Benedict XVI Now Has a Twitter Account in Latin – Fr. Z’s Blog

Cardinal Cañizares: Mass is Not a Show Nor for Entertainment – H. Sergio Mora, Zenit

How Low Will Benedict XVI-Bashing Pundits Go? – Carl E. Olson, The CWR Blog

What Do We Mean by Islamism? – Denis MacShane, MercatorNet


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