Best. Parish. Bulletin. Ever. – Brandon Vogt

One Family Produced Three Priests – Carrie Antlfinger, Washington Times

Getting Children Involved in Simple Songs & Chant – Arlene Oost-Zinner, The Chant Café

Religion is Back on the Program of Classical Music – James R. Oestreich, New York Times

Recovering Words and Culture in the Unsociety – Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

33 Years Later, Man Converts, Gets Forgiven by Victim’s Widow – JoAnne Viviano, CD

Perils of Leaving Islam: Muslim Convert Talks About Christ – Bernardo Cervellera, As Nw

Defending Islam, Attacking Christianity – George Neumayr, The American Spectator

The “Crazy” Rhetoric of Michael Sean Winters – Carl E. Olson, Catholic World Report

Only Traditionalist Abp. of Canterbury Can Save Anglican Church – Jn. Bingham, Tlgrph

Fr. Wilson Miscamble Defends Bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki – Donald R. McClarey

Mark Shea Disagrees with Fr. Wilson Miscamble – Mark Shea, Pths/Cthlc & Enjoying It!

I Don’t Want To Be Right About The Bomb – Pat Archbold, National Catholic Register

London Olympics 2012 Special – Big Pulpit

Friday Extra: Chick-fil-A Supports the Family – Big Pulpit

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