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Resources for JP2’s Beatification Ceremony – Diane M. Korzeniewski O.C.D.S., TDL!

. . .Edward Pentin on the National Catholic Register has additional resources here. . .

. . .the Catholic Herald has a video guide here. . .

7 Deadly Sins, & Those Who Love Them: A Conversation with John Zmirak – B. Saint-Paul

An Examination of the Anglican Wedding Ritual, the Liturgy – J., Psallite Sapienter

A Beautiful Royal Wedding, With Amazing Language & Catechesis – Tom Crowe, CV

Joseph & Mary: Were They Truly Married; They Didn’t Consummate It – Taylor Marshall

Purity of the Intellect: The Way of Silent Love – Jeffrey Steel, De Cura Animarum

A Primer on the Gradual – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Budget Cuts of Biblical Proportions – Jordan J. Ballor, First Things/On The Square

Two Examples: Margaret Sanger versus Saint Gianna – Paul Kengor, The Daily Register

Wanted, An Unpractical Man – G. K. Chesterton, The Distributist Review

Refuting Republicanism in Christianity Part III – MadMonarchist, The Mad Monarchist

Lutherans: Not Interested in Distancing from Old Rhetoric – Tancred, TEF


William and Kate Playing House – Meghan Duke, First Things/On The Square

Blessed Is Big Government – George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Pope John Paul II: Fearless in Hope and Love – Father John Zuhlsdorf, Washington Post

Can Maronites Bridge the Cultural Divides in Lebanon? – Jean Pierre Tohmé, AI/PB

Analyzing the Suspension of Father Michael Pfleger – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage Laura Bush to Headline Church Fundraiser? – Mt. Archbold

Is the Glorified Body of Jesus Physical? – Reginaldus, The New Theological Movement

Progressive Catholyc Pick-up Lines – LarryD, Acts of the Apostasy

Boston’s Maronite Catholics, 1895 A.D. – Pat McNamara, McNamara’s Blog

‘I Know This Is Where I Should Be’ – Josiah Bunting III, The Daily Register

Refuting Republicansim in Christianity Part II – MadMonarchist, The Mad Monarchist

Getting to Know Saint Paul – Doctor Jeff Mirus, the Culture

:// Failed Establishment


Science, Beauty, Teenagers & the God Question – Dennis Buonafede, The Intgrtd Cth Lf™

Story of Change & Reform: Catholic Univ. Recovers Catholic Identity – Msgr. Ch. Pope

Same-Sex Marriage, Assault on Institutional Integrity – Matthew J. Franck, Pub Dscrs

The National Day of Reason Doesn’t Have a Prayer – Francis J. Beckwith, The Cth Thing

Pope John Paul II’s Legacy of Love – Father James V. Schall S.J., Catholic World Report

The Children of the Ordinariate – Joanna Bogle, InsideCatholic

U.S. Catholic: Dumb Article on the Roman Missal New Translation – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

How to Make a Good Confession – Reginaldus, The New Theological Movement

Genesis Cthlc Study Bible: Overall, A Fine Volume from Ignatius Press – Timothy, Cth Bbls

Accepting Benedict’s Generous Offer of the Ordinariate – Father Edwin Barnes, Dly Rgstr

Refuting Republicanism in Christianity Part I – MadMonarchist, The Mad Monarchist

Royalty and Ritual – Jake Tawney, The American Catholic


F.S.S.P. Gets Own Parish in Tulsa, Near Clear Creek Monastery – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

John Paul II and the End of the Cold War – Newt Gingrich, The Daily Register

The Light that Scathes All Shadows – John Zmirak, InsideCatholic

Disney’s Film Tangled & the Story of Saint Barbara – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

The Holy Trinity, Circuminsession & Happy Families – Stacy Trasancos

The Audacity of Christ – Father Philip Neri Powell O.P. Ph.D., DDMHA!

A Serious Post About Women Priests – Father Dwight Longenecker, SOMH

Will & Kate: Reforming the Act of Settlement – John Whitehead, OIWACB

In Search of a Healthy Imagination – Greg Pfundstein, The Catholic Thing

Cardinal Vaughan School: Where The Wild Things Are – Last Knight, TNOTC

Creating a Culture of Vocations in Catholic Schools – Father Schnippel, Vocations

What does the Church Teach about Dialogue with Islam? – Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith


Priest Uses Monkeys As Altar Servers To Compete With Megachurch – LarryD, AOTA

Straw Subdeacons, Women, & Fr. Z’s Analysis – Rubric Monster, The Noise of the Crusade

Why Trust the Apostles over Muhammad or Joseph Smith? – J. H., Shameless Popery

College Debt: Is It Worth It. . . Large Families Calculate Tuition Strategy – J. F. D.

Pope John Paul II: Beating Back the Smoke of Satan – William Oddie, Catholic Herald

. . .Father John Zuhlsdorf comments here. . .

Baptist Convert: Lori Miller – Why I’m Catholic

Orthodoxy Begets Priests – Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons

Fr. Pfleger Suspended: Why Did This Have To Take So Long? – Robert Kumpel, TLPS

. . .Official Letter of Suspension here. . .American Papist comments here. . .

The Archetypal and Declining Jesuits – David Mills, First Things/First Thoughts

An Interview with Catholic Hollywood Director Mike Disa – Peggy Bowes, TICL™

Looking Back at Lent: Why Do Penance? – DarwinCatholic, The American Catholic


Father Michael Pfleger Removed and Suspended – The American Catholic

. . .Lisa Graas comments here. . .

. . .Chicago Tribune reports here. . .Chicago’s WBEZ reports here. . .

. . .Father Zuhlsdorf fisks the Chicago Tribune story here. . .

The John Paul II Generation Grows Up – Colleen Carroll Campbell, The Daily Register

The Eucharistic Theology of Early Church Fathers – Michael Barber, The Sacred Page

Why is JP2 on Trial in the Media Today? – Phil Lawler, the News

Supply Side Confession: The Economics of Mercy – Pat Archbold, National Cthlc Register

On the Poetic in Theology – Peter Kwansniewski, Cowboys-Philosophers-And-Poets

New (Ethical) Stem-Cell Therapy – Maureen Pratt, Catholic News Service

Faculty Kills Resolution Citing U. of Notre Dame to Culture of Life – The CNS Blog

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Has Created Many Martyrs – Nasir Saeed, Catholic Herald

Marxist Pine Curtain in Collegeville – Tancred, The Eponymous Flower

“A Rude and Crude Message” – California Catholic Daily

Christian Arrested for Reading Bible in Public – Lisa Graas


On Being Catholic and Infertile – Jennifer Fulwiler, National Catholic Register

In Defense of Pseudonymous Blogging – Reginaldus, The New Theological Movement

Examining Newt Gingrich’s Conversion – Father John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

Bryan Kemper: Why I’m Returning to the Cthlc Church – Bryan Kemper, The Daily Rgstr

Resurrection: The Rock Video – Christopher Blosser, The American Catholic

Ordination of the Apostles Recorded in the Bible? – Devman, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

The Holy Pope Who Lived on Vegetable Broth & Crayfish, Saint Pius V – Catholic Herald

Pope Apparently Not Initiator of Assisi III – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli

Remembering Pope John Paul II – George Weigel, First Things/On The Square

Heroic Underground Chinese Bishop Dies While Praying Easter Mass – Jian Mei, AsNws

Sacrilege: Motorcycle Mass Switzerland – Tancred, The Eponymous Flower

Gay “Rights” Bullying – Phil Lawler, the News


Extinction, Accepted In ‘The Jesuit Tradition’ – Phil Lawler, CC/OTN

The 7 Habits of People Who Place Radical Trust in God – Jennifer Fulwiler, Cnvrsn Dry

Philadelphia and the Dallas Charter – Joan Frawley Desmond, The Daily Register

To Hell With Hell? – Carl Olson, Ignatius Insight Scoop

Why I Became a Sister – Emily Lahr, Catholic News Service

Call-To-Action’s Vigils for Father Roy Bourgeois was a Failure – LarryD, Acts of the Apstsy

Nellie Organ: Little Nellie of Holy God – Mystics of the Church

The Holy Spirit is at Work in the Ordinariate – William Johnstone, Catholic Herald

The Future of Catholic Schools – DarwinCatholic, The American Catholic

Book of Acts: Part 2, Acts of Jesus & Acts of the Apostles – Michael Barber, The Scrd Pg

A Review of Ethics & the National Economy – Doctor Peter Chojnowski, The Dist Rev

The Pope Renews his Encouragement for Spoken Latin – Patrick Owens, CP&P

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