Priest Collar (Credit: Pixabay via Catholic Stand)

Discernment: It May Not Turn Out The Way You Expect

There are many beautiful things in and around the Catholic church.  One of the things that most people may not get to see is the discernment process of men and women who are trying to decide on the next phase of their lives.

by Dan Byron,

of Catholic Stand

For These 40 Days, Francis Pushes Pause – Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia
How St. Teresa Benedicta Reconciled with Her Devout Jewish Mother – F. Phillips, CH

5 Challenging Quotes from ‘The Imitation of Christ’ on Humility – Phi. Kosloski, Aleteia
How to Find Your Friends in Heaven – Sherry Antonetti, NC Register
A Tabernacle Inspired by a Medieval Masterpiece – Kinga U. Lipinska, Lit Arts Journal

The Four Last Things – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
The Miraculous Grotto Where Mary Breastfed Jesus – Billy Ryan, uCatholic
The History & Significance of the Wedding Cake – Paul Sullins, Mercatornet

“Repent & Believe” – Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia
What Is the Sign of the Cross? – St. Francis De Sales, Catholic Exchange
The Secret to Helping Your Child Love Reading – Evgeny Terekhin, Seton Magazine
Where Exactly Was Jesus Baptized? – uCatholic

Practical Lessons for a Deeper Faith this Lent – Deacon Michael Bickerstaff, ICL™
In Vancouver, Lunar New Year bumps Friday abstinence for Asian Catholics – CNA
For Lent: “Thou Mastering Me God!” – Fr. Robert P. Imbelli, The Catholic Thing
The Healing Power of Tears – Richard Decker, Catholic Exchange

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So Called Same-Sex Marriage Cake (Credit: The Stream)

BreakPoint: America’s Reversal on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

The fight over same-sex “marriage” already seems like a distant memory. But the way it was fought is the mother of all worldview lessons.

by John Stonestreet,

of The Stream

A Young Nun Searches for Orders that Wear Habits Only – David Clayton, NLM
Peggy Noonan Calls for a Revival of the Gentleman – J. Douglas Johnson, Crisis
Card. Müller: Blessing Gay Couples Would Be An ‘Atrocity’ – Maike Hickson, LSN
“Have Children:” The Brief Message That Went Viral on Social Media – B. Estrela, Alet.
How to Correctly Run a Lent Appeal – Brice Sokolowski,

New Vatican Academy for Life Member Promotes Heresy – Diane Montagna, LSN
Why Standing on My Head? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Powerhouse Catholic Movement Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary – J. Allen Jr., Crux
The Limits Of Science – William M. Briggs Ph.D., Statistician to the Stars!
The Colosseum to Be Lit Blood Red in Honor of Persecuted Christians – uCatholic
Without Christ, Every Work is an Unfinished Work – Fr. G. Rutler S.T.D. Th.D., NCRg
French Bishop Proclaims 70th Healing in Lourdes a Miracle – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
Rocket Launch Prompts Talk of Living on Mars; Catholic Perspective – CNA/CWR
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St. Thomas Newman Chapel at the University of Nebraska (Credit: Liturgical Arts Journal)

New Church Architecture: St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel at the University of Nebraska

. . .The exterior of the chapel is heavily influenced by the Romanesque. Especially striking is the octagonal dome/tower which is reminiscent of many of the historical churches found in Milan & other parts of Italy. . .

by Shawn R. Tribe,

of Liturgical Arts Journal

On Cardinal Cupich’s Problematic, Convenient Conscience – Carl E. Olson, The CWR
Friday After Ash Wednesday: Feast of the Crown of Thorns – Fr. Z’s Blog
How a Parish Eucharistic Group Helped Revive a London Church – Fr. A. Robinson, CH
Pope Francis Reflects on His Critics – CNA/EWTN News via The Catholic World Report
Catholic School Opens in Renovated Kmart – Chloe Langr, epicPew
How to Correctly Run a Lent Appeal – Brice Sokolowski,
Why Income Inequality is Not the Injustice We Perceive It To Be – Steven Pinker, BTh

Hundreds Rally in Support of Ireland’s Pro-Life Amendment – CNA via The CWR
New Ordinaries with New Heraldry’s in USA – Fr. Guy Selvester, Exarandorum
5 Moms Speak on the Future of Homeschooling – Mary Ellen Barrett, Seton Magazine
The Value of Vestural Traditions: A Call For Ecclesiastical Self-Confidence – S.R. Tribe

Science, Resurrection & History: Classical Education – Fr. J.V. Schall S.J., Cana Acdmy
New Law Defends Poland’s Honor During World War II – John Hittinger Ph.D., Crisis

South African Bishops Welcome President’s Resignation – CNA/EWTN News
Archbishop Wenski Urges Prayers for Parkland – Christine Rousselle, CNA

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