St. Thomas Newman Chapel at the University of Nebraska (Credit: Liturgical Arts Journal)

New Church Architecture: St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel at the University of Nebraska

. . .The exterior of the chapel is heavily influenced by the Romanesque. Especially striking is the octagonal dome/tower which is reminiscent of many of the historical churches found in Milan & other parts of Italy. . .

by Shawn R. Tribe,

of Liturgical Arts Journal

On Cardinal Cupich’s Problematic, Convenient Conscience – Carl E. Olson, The CWR
Friday After Ash Wednesday: Feast of the Crown of Thorns – Fr. Z’s Blog
How a Parish Eucharistic Group Helped Revive a London Church – Fr. A. Robinson, CH
Pope Francis Reflects on His Critics – CNA/EWTN News via The Catholic World Report
Catholic School Opens in Renovated Kmart – Chloe Langr, epicPew
How to Correctly Run a Lent Appeal – Brice Sokolowski,
Why Income Inequality is Not the Injustice We Perceive It To Be – Steven Pinker, BTh

Hundreds Rally in Support of Ireland’s Pro-Life Amendment – CNA via The CWR
New Ordinaries with New Heraldry’s in USA – Fr. Guy Selvester, Exarandorum
5 Moms Speak on the Future of Homeschooling – Mary Ellen Barrett, Seton Magazine
The Value of Vestural Traditions: A Call For Ecclesiastical Self-Confidence – S.R. Tribe

Science, Resurrection & History: Classical Education – Fr. J.V. Schall S.J., Cana Acdmy
New Law Defends Poland’s Honor During World War II – John Hittinger Ph.D., Crisis

South African Bishops Welcome President’s Resignation – CNA/EWTN News
Archbishop Wenski Urges Prayers for Parkland – Christine Rousselle, CNA

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Blase Cardinal Cupich Answering Questions (Credit: Life Site)

‘Let’s Not Make It Just about. . .Sins of the Flesh’; Cardinal Cupich

The cardinal believes reception of Communion depends on ‘conscience’. Does his reasoning add up?

by Dan Hitchens,

of the Catholic Herald

Court Likely to Withdraw Charge of Key Accuser in Card. Pell Abuse Case – CNA/CWR
Mark Wahlberg & Wife Post Ash Wednesday Video Message on Instagram – ChurchPop
This Diocese’s Website Has the Best Catholic 404 Message! – ChurchPop
Francis Modifies Norms for the Resignation of Bishops – CNA/EWTN News via The CWR
Priest in Idaho Faces Drug, Child Pornography Charges – CNA/EWTN News via The CWR
How Jesus Changed Jewish Prayers via the Our Father – G. McClung Ph.D. J.D., CS
Good News for the Rebuilding of the Basilica in Norcia – Gregory DiPippo, New Lit Mov
4 Surprising Lessons from Debates Between Saints & Scoundrels – Theresa Williams, eP
4 Areas of Education Homeschoolers Should Explore – John Tuttle, Seton Magazine
How Despots Exploit Vatican Foreign Policy – Fr. Raymond de Souza, Catholic Herald
Modern Stoicism: A Critique – Paul Kniaz, Catholic Stand
Vatican Denies Rumors That B16 Has Degenerative Nerve Disorder – CNA via NC Rgstr
Food Aid Feeds Conflict & Dependence – Tirzah Duren, FEE
Anniversary Musings on Benedict & the Normalization of Resignation – Jn. Allen, Crux

Pope Francis Regularly Meets with Victims of Sexual Abuse – Elise Harris, CNA via NCRg
Curial Reform as a Matter of Pastoral Concern – CNA via The Catholic World Report
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Problems with Sola Scriptura Infographic (Credit: ChurchPop)

3 Problems with Protestant Doctrine of Sola Scriptura, In One Infographic

from ChurchPop

Christian Parents Lose Custody of Daughter for Refusing Sex Change Operation – LSN
5 Myths About Papal Infallibility Too Many People Still Believe – ChurchPop
How This App Could Steal Your Face To Make Pornography – CNA via The CWR
What Causes Poverty – Charles Murray, American Enterprise Institute
Speaking the Truth in the Beauty of Love: Better Online Discussion – B. Cross Ph.D., SN
What Happens When a Church Is Closed? – Billy Ryan, uCatholic
Why Legacies are Brilliant for Charities & How to Get Them – Brice Sokolowski
Making Books in the Middle Ages – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

Pray for the Victims at Parkland High School – Dave Griffey, Daffey Thoughts
Reducing Religion to Politics – James Kalb J.D., Crisis Magazine
White House’s Proposed Budget Defunds Planned Parenthood – Steven Ertelt, Life Nws
Russia & China Displaces Radical Islam as Principal Security Concerns – Jud. Miller, CJ
The Japanese Martyrs for Christ – Angelo Stagnaro, National Catholic Register
Markets Provide Care for an Aging Population – Raymond March, The Beacon
5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Homeschooling Experience – Maria De Leon, Seton

Expert Says Religious Freedom Critical for Vatican-China Bishop Deal – CNA via CWR
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