Mont Saint Michel (Credit: Flickr via ‘my favorite catholic things’ blog)

Monastic Life at Mont Saint Michel

. . .Mont Saint Michel is an 8th-century fortress on the coast of Normandy that has long been associated with a mystical presence of Christ & the Archangel for whom it is named. After centuries of spiritual neglect, a spiritual renaissance is taking place on the tidal island again. . .

by Carrie Gress, Ph.D.,

of my favorite catholic things blog

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Reality Distortion Field Poster
(Credit: Rod Dreher)

The #LoveWins Jackboot at a Public High School in Ameria

. . .a reader took this photo of a flyer in the halls of Grady High School in Atlanta. What symbolism! A public school in Atlanta is now propagandizing students to believe that people who dissent from the multiculti Narrative are haters who deserve to be symbolically stomped by a jackboot. . .

by Rod Dreher

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Blase Cardinal Cupich (Credit: Daniel Ibanez of Catholic News Agency via National Catholic Register)

The Accusations of Cardinal Cupich: Name Names, Please

. . .in his latest column for the Chicago archdiocesan newspaper, Blase Cardinal Cupich—who styles himself as a champion of civil dialogue within the Church—lashes out at people who disagree with Pope Francis. . .

by Phil Lawler,

of Catholic Culture

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