Robert Cardinal Robert Sarah & His Book The Power of Silence Against the Dictatorship of Noisef (Credit: Daniel Ibanez of Catholic News Agency)

Analysis: Cardinal Sarah, Blessed Paul VI, & Catholic Commentary

. . .Robert Cardinal Sarah has authored a preface for a newly published book detailing the ascendancy, in the last 50 years, of the reception of Communion in the hand. He has been thanked for his efforts with at least one call for his removal from office. The flare-up offers an opportunity to look in greater detail at the history of the means of receiving Holy Communion. . .

by Carl Bunderson,

of Catholic News Agency

via The Catholic World Report

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Taylor Marshall, Ph.D., cruising the mean streets of his hometown. (Credit: YouTube via a Screengrab on ChurchPop)

Taylor Marshall Reveals Mystical Experience on State of the Church Today

. . .Taylor Marshall revealed today in a video he posted on YouTube that he recently had a mystical vision about the current state of the Church. . .

via ChurchPop

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Turning Pages on a Book (Credit: Pixabay via the National Catholic Register) CC0

Here’s Proof That Not Every Protestant Doctrine is Biblical

. . .the principle of Sola Scriptura (“Bible Alone”) is unbiblical. . .

by Dave Armstrong,

of the National Catholic Register

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Use Words of Life, Not Death – Edward Montin, Catholic Stand
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