Sex Scandal & Cover-Up

Updates on the growing homosexual predation scandal surrounding McCarrick & all those involved.


Daniel Cardinal DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston (Credit: Bob Roller of CNS via The CWR)

Roots of Catholic Anger

. . .the “narrative” of an ongoing, widespread, & unaddressed rape culture in the Catholic Church in the United States is false. . .

by George Weigel,

from The Dispatch

via The Catholic World Report

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Pope Francis & Monsignor Edgar Peña Parra (Credit: Vatican News)

Two More High-Ranking Papal Appointees Implicated in Alleged Misconduct

. . .Msgr. Edgar Peña Parra, who has been tapped to take on the #2 role at the Vatican Secretariat of State, has become the subject of a dossier compiled by the laity in his home diocese which makes mention of possible homosexual behavior.  Luis Cardinal  Ferrer, Prefect of the Congregation for the CDF, has also failed to respond to a court summons in France as a co-defendant in the trial of Cardinal Barbarin, for “failing to denounce a sexually abusive priest”. . .

by Steve Skojec

of One Peter 5

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Can Church Entities & Victims Find Justice in Compensation Funds – Pet. Jesserer Smith
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Bishop Edward J. Burns of Dallas (Credit:

Bishop Burns of Dallas Says He Had 3rd Party Investigate Clergy; Will Not Say if He Will Release the Report

. . .when asked if he was prepared to publicly release the unedited report from the investigation, the bishop said “it is my desire to bring something forward in the near future.  I am taking some serious considerations on how best to do that”. . .

from Banks of the Trinity

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Washington Archdiocese Releases the Names of 48 Accused Clergy – CNA via The CWR
A Third Accuser Comes Forward Against Houston Priest – Nomaan Merchant, AP via Crux
California Governor Vetoes Measure to Extend the Statute of Limitations – CNS via Crux
Indianapolis Archdiocese Lists 23 Credibly Accused Priests – AP via Crux
Film Spurs Hundreds of Abuse Allegations in Poland– CNA via The Catholic World Report
Polish Court Orders Catholic Religious Order to Pay Sex Abuse Victim – AP via Crux
California Man Sues Vatican Over Abuse Claims – A.L. Myers & N. Winfield, AP via Crux
2-year Window for Abuse Suits Divides Negotiators in Pennsylvania – Mk. Scolforo, Crux
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Canadian Bishops’ Abuse Policies Has No Way to Censure Bishops – Deborah Gyapong
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