Sex Scandal & Cover-Up

Updates on the growing homosexual predation scandal surrounding McCarrick & all those involved.


Praying Priest (Credit: Thoom from Shutterstock via The American Conservative)

The Vulnerability Of Priests

. . .here’s a side of the story we rarely hear: the sister of a Catholic priest in Duluth says her brother was falsely accused & hung out to dry by his bishop. . .

by Rod Dreher

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Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego (Credit: Church Militant)

No One Knew More Than Brian Sipe on the Sexual Abuse in the Church, Whom Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego Dismissed

(the title was written in haste & incorrectly –Editor)

. . .About the list, Podles said, “Yeah, its conjecture.  I mean it’s—well some of it’s certain like McCarrick certainly. . .Sipe knew about McCarrick . . . as did McElroy. . .

by Tim O’Neill,

of California Catholic Daily

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N.J. Diocese to Form a Compensation Program for Child Victims of Clerical Abuse – NC Rgstr
Italian Bishops’ Conference Establishes National Center for Youth Protection – NC Register
Mexican Bishops Discussing Commission to Address the Abuse of Minors – The CWR
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Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego (Credit: California Catholic Daily)

The Scandal of Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego

. . .crisis in the pews. . .

from The San Diego Union-Tribune

via the California Catholic Daily

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