Sex Scandal & Cover-Up

Updates on the growing homosexual predation scandal surrounding McCarrick & all those involved.


Cardinal Cupich & Pope Francis (Pic Credit: Whispers in the Loggia)

The Cardinal Cupich Appointment Shows: February Conference in Rome Will Be Damage Control

. . .if you held out any hope that the Vatican might finally respond effectively to the sex-abuse scandal—that the February meeting could possibly prompt some real action—those hopes should have been shattered by the stunning announcement that Pope Francis had appointed Cardinal Blase Cupich to the organizing committee for that February event. . .

by Philip Lawler,

of Catholic Culture

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The Sanctuary inside Immaculate Conception Church in Philadelphia July A.D. 2009 (Credit: Wikipedia)

A Sanctuary Fight & Another Cover-Up

. . .by now it should be clear to Catholics that when it comes to proclaiming the Faith, our biggest fight today is within our own Church, & the dissension is about sexual morality & gay “rights”.  This was made clear to me by an incident that happened some years ago. . .

by Father Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. Cap.

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Cardinal Cupich gives McCarrick the Spirit Of Francis Award in AD 2016 (Credit: The American Conservative)

The Cupich Summit

. . .Cupich, who locked parishioners out of their TLM parish during the Easter Triduum, pressured his own priests not to participate in pro-life activities, works with pro-abortion politicians, has said he would give communion to remarried & gay couples & promoters of abortion, dismissed the founder of St. John Cantius parish in Chicago for unproven allegations, & drove a priest who was himself a childhood victim of clerical sex abuse into hiding over the burning of a rainbow flag that had been used in promotion of the homosexual agenda in his parish. . .

by Rod Dreher

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