Day: November 21, 2019


Gay Totalitarianism & The Coming Persecution Of Christians – Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith
Ask Father: Can We Eat Halal Meat? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Images Of Hell – Msgr. Charles Pope at Community in Mission
Variations in Form of the Advent Wreath – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal
Firing Line: The Fight Over Catholic Orthodoxy – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
Closet CheckList Spotlight: Boots (Catholic Fashion Blog) – Meghan Ashley Styling
Ask Father: Guidelines For Sitting In Choir, Including Birettaquette & Also Hoodiquette, With A Short Fr. Z Rant – Z
Bishop McElroy & A US ‘Synodal Path’: What Would That Mean? – Joan Frawley Desmond at NC Register
Abortion: America’s Mortal Sin – Ray Sullivan at Catholic Stand
Vatican State Sec. Says He Arranged Hospital Loan, Papal Foundation Grant – Ed Condon & J.D. Flynn at NC Register
Lebanon On The Brink: Syrian Crisis Threatens ‘Last Safe Haven’ For Christians – CNA via The Catholic World Report
7 Reasons for Hope After David Daleiden’s Recent Loss – Patti Maguire Armstrong at National Catholic Register
Thanksgiving: Some Country, This America! – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
We Are Our Brothers’ Keepers – E. Christian Brugger, D.Phil., at National Catholic Register
The Antithesis – Ben Butera at The American Catholic
Tokyo Archbishop: Collapse of Traditional Family a Challenge for Irreligious Japan – Tm. Nerozzi via NC Register

St. Joseph: The Strong, Silent Type – Dom Cingoranelli at Catholic Stand
A Scientific Argument For God’s Existence: On God – William Deatherage at Clarifying Catholicism

Pray For Suffering Christians – It’s Urgent – Fr. Don Richardson at The Catholic Weekly
Is Faith Just Another Bias? – Paul Kniaz at Catholic Stand

The Case For Just War On Narcoterrorism – Stephen M. Krason at Crisis Magazine
Support For Religious Freedom Still Strong Despite Culture Wars – CNA via The Catholic World Report

Quick Links:
Mark Wahlberg Thanks Priest For Celebrating Mass, Posts Photo: “We Never Miss Mass” – ChurchPOP

Cathedral Turns Red For Persecuted Christians – Peter Rosengren at The Catholic Weekly

Secular News: Thursday Edition

The Hermit Kingdom’s Impending Population Decline – Marcus Roberts at Mercatornet
Pence, Perry, Pompeo All Reject Sondland’s Claims During Impeachment Testimony – Tristan Justice at The Federalist
Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Has Quietly Launched A Facebook Rival Social Network – Liam Tung at ZDNet
Macron’s Warning: Europe Must Unite Or Die – James P. Pinkerton at The American Conservative
The Risks Of American Populism – William Galston at The American Mind
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s First Priority: More Euthanasia – Alex Schadenberg at Life News
Pro-Trans Advertising Doesn’t Reflect Most of America – Nicole Russell at The Stream
Red China Isn’t In Africa For Charity, But To Control Its Resources – Akol Nyok Akol Dok & Bradley A. Thayer
Kamala Harris Brags About Never Having A Private Sector Job – Cameron Cawthorne at The Washington Free Beacon
Hawley: How Our Collapse Of Community Relationships Threatens Liberty – The Federalist
Colombia To Close Its Borders In Attempt To Contain Mass Protests – Joe Parkin Daniels at The Guardian
Dutch Parliament May Legalize Euthanizing Patients Who Aren’t Sick or Dying – Alex Schadenberg at Life News
Chile’s Riots: Frustration at the Gate of the Promised Land – Patricio Navia at Americas Quarterly
Bring Back The Family Dinner – Anders Koskinen at Intellectual Takeout
Understanding Conservative Populism – Colin Dueck at The American Mind
Iran’s Cyber War Adds Dangerous New Element to Its Civil Unrest – Matthew Petti at The National Interest
Yes, Russian Interests In Syria Are Political, But There Are Centuries Of Religious Ties As Well – T. Mattingly at Get Religion
What Can A Government Do To Encourage More Babies? – Marcus Roberts at Mercatornet
In 1962, India & China Went To War (& China Won) – Robert Farley at The National Interest
In Communist China, Even Toddlers’ Education Starts with Indoctrination – Wang Yong at Bitter Winter
Putin’s Middle East? – Paul Starobin at City Journal
Govt Interference in Faith Makes It Harder to Find Homes for Kids, Adoption Advocates Argue – J. Elliott at The Stream
Why the Hippocratic Oath Prohibits Physician-Assisted Suicide – T.A. Cavanaugh, Ph.D., at Public Discourse

Journalism Is Not A Crime – Jerry Newcombe at The Stream