Day: October 9, 2019


Unlocking Catholic Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Matthew Leonard & John Bergsma, Ph.D.
Cardinal Müller Accuses: From This Synod They Have Driven Out Jesus – Sandro Magister at Settimo Cielo via L’Espresso
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
The “Process” Begins – Robert Royal, Ph.D., at The Catholic Thing
Amazon Synod & Deaconettes? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Women’s Diaconate, Amazonian ‘Mass’ Discussed in Amazon Synod’s Opening Days – Edward Pentin at NC Register

Medieval Dominican Vestments of St. Albert the Great – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal
Britannia Rules the Christian Faith “Not Worthy of Respect” – Robert J. Hutchinson at Crisis Magazine
What Do France, Grey Wool, & St. Francis Have In Common? (More Than You Think!) – Meghan Ashley Styling
The Vatican Tree Ceremony: Self-Made PR Headache – Christopher R. Altieri at Catholic Herald
Pope Francis & Schism – Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M. Cap., at The Catholic Thing
‘N Syncretism – One Mad Mom
How To Revive The Catholic Church, Two Approaches Confronted At The Amazon Synod – Fr. Richard Heilman at RCM
Catholic Thoughts on Yom Kippur, Redux* – Robert Kurland, Ph.D., at Catholic Stand
In Praise Of The Saturno & Other Clerical Hats – Chad C. Pecknold, Ph.D., at Catholic Herald
Cardinal Newman 101: An Introduction To His Life, Work, & Thought – Fr. Peter M.J. Stravinskas at The CWR
Marks, Medieval Lions, & Mussolini Trees – Fr. Z’s Blog 46
Catholicism & Modernity, Reconsidered, & “Renarrativized” – Carl E. Olson at The Catholic World Report
4 Catholic Attitudes Toward Extraterrestrials – Tom Hoopes at Aleteia
Polish Archbishop Compares LGBT Movement To Communist Regime – CNA via Catholic Herald
The Catholic Church Is Not an NGO – Auguste Meyrat at Crisis Magazine

Priestly Celibacy Discussed As Amazon Synod Gets Underway – J.D. Flynn, J.C.L., at CNA via Catholic Herald
Fr. Jack Barker & The Early History Of Our Movement – Deborah Gyapong at The Anglicanorum Coetibus Society

Catholic Bishops Add To Concerns Over Australian Religious Discrimination Bill – CNA via The Catholic World Report
Heaven’s Splendor – Off the Shelf with Sister Mary Ann Fatula, O.P. – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand

God & Caesar: Wednesday Edition

The Lawsuits Will Be Huge – Donald R. McClarey, J.D. at The American Catholic
Reactions To My Tweet Reveal The Ignorant Brutality Of Young Socialists & Communists – M. Gonzalez at The Heritage Foundation
That Will Sting – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
How To Bring Revolution To America – Nicholas Capaldi at Law & Liberty
NBA’s Surrender To China Shows Money Still Talks Louder Than ‘Social Justice’ – Terry Schilling at The Stream
China’s Present, America’s Future – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
European Law & The “Myth Of English Exceptionalism” – Michael I. Krauss, J.D., at Law & Liberty
The NBA’s Abasement, & Ours – Michael Brendan Dougherty at National Review
Supreme Court to Decide High-Stakes ‘LGBT’ Cases Amid Partisan Scrutiny – Joan Frawley Desmond at NC Register
Nevada Passes Law Allowing Doctors to Starve Dementia Patients to Death – Wesley J. Smith, J.D., at Life News
The NBA’s Bow To Chinese Repression Was Reprehensible – Giancarlo Sopo at The Federalist

Bashing The NBA For Supporting Communist China Is Bringing Liberals And Conservatives Together – E. Bufkin at The The Federalist

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