Day: October 3, 2019


The Monster Cardinal Egan – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
A Bid To Understand The Police Raid At The Vatican – Philip Lawler at Catholic Culture
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Even a Cardinal Close To Bergoglio Is Condemning the Dangers of the Synods of the Amazon & Germany – S. Magister
What Conscience Dreads & Prayer Dares Not Ask – Msgr. Charles Pope at Community in Mission
But Does Anyone Accept Cardinal Kasper? – One Mad Mom
Saint Leo The Great Explains How To Fundraise – Brice Sokolowski at
The Saint Who Preached a Sermon After Being Beheaded – Billy Ryan at uCatholic
The Pantsuit Revolution of the German Amazon Synod – John B. Manos at Bellarmine Forum
Bishop Grech, Backer of Relaxed Communion Rules, Picked for Key Synod Position – Edward Pentin at NC Register
Closet CheckList SpotLight: The Cardigan – Meghan Ashley Styling
The Dark Side Of The Dallas Charter – Fr. Thomas G. Guarino at First Things
After Vatican Raid, 5 Officials & Employees Suspended – CNA via The Catholic World Report
False Prophets – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
Liturgical Beauty From Farnborough Abbey – Gregory DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement
Hey Christian Doctor, Call The Bearded Man ‘Madam’ – Or Else – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
FDA: Drug Used to Stop Puberty for Kids With Gender Dysphoria Linked to Thousands of Deaths – N. Flory at The Stream
Dating in a Modern Waste Land – Mary Cuff at Crisis Magazine
Are Guardian Angels Real? – Fr. Michael Kerper at Catholic Exchange
Unrest & Inaction At The University Of Notre Dame – Alexandra DeSanctis at National Review
Has Literature Regained Its Faith? – Angela Alaimo O’Donnell at Church Life Journal
What Does “Water & Spirit” Mean? – Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith
Does Healing Exist in the Catholic Church Today? – Andrea Bear at Catholic Stand

Maria Goretti Network Chapters Offer Safe Place For Healing After Abuse – Aprille Hanson at CNS via Crux
The Case For Catholic Education – Benjamin V. Beier, Ph.D., at Faith & Culture

A Time for Catholic Hospitals? – Randall B. Smith, Ph.D., at The Catholic Thing
Robots in the Workplace – Sarah Bailey at Catholic Stand

God & Caesar: Thursday Edition

The False Prophets of Climate Change – Jane Clark Scharl at Crisis Magazine
Why California Keeps Making Homelessness Worse – Michael Shellenberger at Forbes
Planned Parenthood Opens Huge Secret Abortion Center Outside St. Louis, Built Under Fake Name – Micaiah Bilger at Life News
Twitter Suspended Me For Saying A Transsexual Is A Transsexual – David Hogberg at The Federalist
Reclaiming 1619 – Kevin Gutzman, Ph.D., at Law & Liberty
Reparations – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
Who Wants To Leave California? Young Voters Can’t Afford Housing, & Conservatives Feel Alienated – Sarah Parvini at Los Angeles Times
Facebook Says It Will Stop Fact-Checking After Getting Caught Censoring Pro-Lifers – Corinne Weaver at Life News
Secretary Mike Pompeo Speaks About Chinese Religious-Freedom Violations at Vatican – Courtney Grogan at CNA via NC Register

Acton Line Podcast: Is Catholicism At Odds With The American Experiment? – Caroline Roberts at Acton Institute Powerblog
Family Of Canadian Man Who Died By Medically-Assisted Suicide Says They Fought Procedure – Zelda Caldwell at Aleteia

Who Killed Civil Society? (Podcast) – Howard Husock & Brian C. Anderson at City Journal

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