Day: April 4, 2019


Is Gregory right for Washington?

He is certainly a safe pair of hands, but can he clear the skeletons out of Washington's closet? ☩ Michael Warren Davis at Catholic Herald

Modesty: In Dress & In Life

What is modesty? When and how did it originate? ☩ K.C. Thomas at Ignitum Today

Discovering Joy in Suffering

I am living “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing everything” (2 Corinthians 6:10). ☩ Melanie Jean Juneau at Catholic Stand

Catholic Seminary Evaluations: Time to Reboot?

Such assessments need to be solidly grounded in authentic theological perspectives, experts stress. ☩ Joan Frawley Desmond at National Catholic Register

Woke Corporate Tyranny Against Christians in Texas

Some of the world’s biggest companies are back to oppose a range of new Texas legislation. . . ☩ Rod Dreher at The American Conservative

Favorite Catholic Books From My Library

☩ Charles Lewis at National Catholic Register

The role of clericalism in the current crisis

☩ Christopher R. Altieri at The Catholic World Report

‘Unplanned’ Isn’t Propaganda, But a Mirror to a Culture of Death

In the battle for humanity that “Unplanned” depicts, we also glimpse the conscience of America, whipsawed by the seductive lies of the culture of death. ☩ Joan Frawley Desmond at National Catholic Register

Our Lady of Lourdes & Fatima Statues Beheaded at California Catholic Churches, Caught on Tape

Lord, have mercy! Two statues of Our Blessed Mother were beheaded in the Pomona Valley, Cali. area within the last month, according to CBS Los Angeles. ☩ ChurchPOP

Cohabitation is a Sin — & a Lousy Strategy for Success

Why mergers are better than joint ventures ☩ Vincent Weaver at National Catholic Register

Artificial Intelligence & Magical Thinking

Arthur C. Clarke famously said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ☩ Edward Feser, Ph.D.

Yet another good priest persecuted by the agents of Hell

A priest comes to a parish that has been mired in the guck of liberalism, dominated by aging-hippies and other agents of Hell. He starts to clean up abuses and bring something of Catholic identity back… which is his duty to do. A couple agents of Hell squawk and the bishop throws Father under the bus… and then backs over him for good measure. ☩ Fr. Z's Blog

Don't Send Your Kids to So-Called Elite Schools, Here Is Why. . .

When I pointed out that undergraduates at so-called “elite” universities are frequently taught by graduate assistants rather than by senior faculty, the parents were unmoved. ☩ George Weigel at First Things

Christianity Teaches Violence and Intolerance; True or False?

Recently an Iranian convert to Christianity appealed to the U.K. for religious asylum because he feared persecution. . . ☩ J. Budziszewski, Ph.D., at Underground Thomist

Priests Who Father Children: Another Consequence of Clergy Sexual Misconduct

As the Church confronts the sins of clergy sexual abuse, the stories of the ‘children of the ordained’ are increasingly being told as well. ☩ Judy Roberts at National Catholic Register

Pete Buttigieg: What You See Is Not What You Get

Mayor Pete Buttigeig of South Bend, Indiana is a full-blown relativist. He views the world through the lens of multiculturalism, historicism, gay rights, and radical feminism. ☩ Deal Hudson at Catholic Vote


“God Blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on that day he had rested after all his work of creating.” ~ Gen 2:3 ☩ Nicholas Lye at Ignitum Today

Saint Alphonsus Liguori’s 3 Rules for Fundraising

☩ Brice Sokolowski at

John Paul II Definitively Said ‘No!’ to Women Priests

☩ Fr. Matthew L. Schneider, L.C., at National Catholic Register

Beauty & Providence

☩ James Patrick Reid at The Catholic Thing

Your Closet: More Chant Less Chaos

☩ Meghan Ashley Styling