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Confession (Public Domain/ChurchPOP)

Haven’t Been to Confession in Years? This Priest Provides 3 Great Ways to Prepare Your Heart This Advent

. . .John the Baptist calls us to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord & to be ready for Christ’s arrival, not only in a general way into the world, but also in a particular way into each one of our hearts. . .

from ChurchPOP

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Loving Our Neighbors for the Common Good: Subsidiarity, Responsibility, & Change – Acton
Pennsylvania Diocese Opening Faith-Based Addiction Recovery High School – The CWR
How this Classical Catholic School Welcomes Children with Down Syndrome – C Grogan, CNA
Such Faith – Noel Ethan Tan, Ignitum Today
New Threats & Intimidation Against Iraqi Christians – Edward Pentin, National Catholic RegisterXXX
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5 Secrets Of Fundraising We Can Learn From The Saints – Becky Roach, Catholic Link
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Armenian Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Martyrs in Gyumri, Armenia (Credit: Catholic News Agency via the Catholic World Report)

Armenian Apostolic Church Appoints First-Ever Representative in Rome

. . .The Armenian Apostolic Church, one of six in the Oriental Orthodox communion, will have a fixed representative in Rome, similar to the Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, & Methodists. . .

from the Catholic News Agency

via The Catholic World Report

Shifting Tectonic Plates in Eastern Christianity – George Weigel, The Catholic World Report
Evangelical Ethiopian Helps End Oriental Orthodox Schism – Jay. Casper, Christianity Today
Saudi Crown Prince Shocks Islamists, Visits Coptic Pope – Thomas Lifson, The Amrcn Thinker
The Americanization of an Ancient Faith: The Copts – Shira Telushkin, The Atlantic
Desiccated Ancient Biblical Manuscript Revealed by X-Ray Scan – J.P. Mauro, Aleteia
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Who are the Coptic Christians? – Paul Rowe Ph.D., The Conversation
Egypt’s “Christian-Free” Soccer Traditions – Mai Shams El-Din, Mada Masr via WorldCrunch
The Hard Work of Re-Establishing an Artistic Tradition – David Clayton, New Liturgical Mvmnt
Meet an Ethiopian Priest Who Has to Scale a Cliff to Reach His Church – BBC
In Cairo, Blood Flows Again at Coptic Church – Zenit
Killed for Being (Coptic) Christian – Courtney Grogan, Catholic News Agency
Coptic Orthodox Bishop Found Dead in Suspected Murder – The Catholic World Report
The Return Home: Syriac Christians Celebrate Eucharistic Liturgy in Ravaged Church – CNA
“We Are Copts, & We Are Ready For Anything” – Paul de Dinechin, Aleteia
Coptic Orthodox to Dedicate Church to New Martyrs of Libya – The Catholic World Report
Egypt Court Sentences 17 to Death for Attacking Christians – Samy Magdy, A.P. via Crux
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Christian Couples Adopting (Credit: The Federalist)

Why It’s Not Discrimination For Christian Agencies To Only Recruit Christian Foster & Adoptive Parents

. . .the Anti-Defamation League has joined the American left’s ongoing crusade to eradicate faith from our nation’s foster care & adoption agencies. . .

by Jocelyn Davis,

of The Federalist

Fast Train to Failure – Connor Harris, City Journal
Coming Soon: a Religious Struggle for Control of the Internet? – Philip Lawler, Catholic Culture
Can Americans Today Afford to Have Kids? – CNA via The Catholic World Report
Comprehensive Sex Education Undermines Students’ Moral Development – T Puolimatka PhD
Why Puberty Blockers Are A Clear Danger To Children’s Health – Jane Robbins, The Federalist
Doctors in Canada are Euthanizing Patients & Doing Nothing to Treat Them First – W Smith JD
How Can Pro-Lifers Engage in Constructive Criticism? – Fr. Frank Pavone, Life News
How Caring for the Poor Led to the Beginnings of Capitalism – Glenn Sunshine, IfFWaE
Bridging the Ideological Divides Over Ecology & Environment – W. Patenaude, The CWR
NIH Director’s Support for Fetal Tissue Research Draws Pro-life Concern – NC Register
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Fr. Robert VerEecke, S.J. (Credit: Lee Pellegrini via Boston College)

Saint Xavier’s: From the Waterfront Priest to the Dancing Priest

. . .there exists no sharper illustration of present-day enfeeblement of the Jesuit temper than the difference between the ministries of John Corridan, S.J., the “waterfront priest” of the 1940s, & today’s Robert VerEecke, S.J., the “dancing priest.”  Fr. Corridan earned a significant place in labor history. Fr.  VerEecke earned removal from the Church of St. Francis Xavier for making sexual overtures to a male parishioner. . .

by Maureen Mullarkey,

of Studio Matters

Even in a Bishop’s Resignation, Signs of Waffling in Rome – Philip Lawler, Catholic Culture
After Transatlantic Tug of War, Another Bishop Falls – Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia
Montana Reservations Reportedly Dumping Grounds for Predatory Priests – Great Falls Trib.
How the Vatican is Preparing for Its February Abuse Summit – Andrea Gagliarducci, The CWR
Ex-Archbishop Denies Abuse Claim, Welcomes Probe – Associated Press via Crux
Anonymous Priests: Silence Regarding Priestly Misconduct Is a Problem – Fr. Schneider L.C.
Pp. Francis Accepts L.A. Auxiliary Bishop’s Resignation after Credible Abuse Report – NC Reg
Illinois Attorney General Investigation Finds 500 More Clergy Abuse Cases – A.P. via Crux
Minn. Archbishop Announces Moves to End Culture Fostering Clergy Abuse – The CWR
How Should the Church Address Clerical Misconduct With Adults? – Peter Jesserer Smith
American Priest Arrested in the Philippines for Sexual Abuse – CNA via The CWR
Jesuit Province Releases Names of Accused Abusers – David McFadden, A.P. via Crux
Sacramento Bishop Suspends Retired Priest Accused of Abuse – California Catholic Daily
Archdiocese of Lose Angeles Updates List of Priests Credibly Accused of Abuse – The CWR
Polish Church Urged to Check Sex Abuse Claims Against Priest – Monika Scislowka, Crux
Salt Lake City Diocese Releases a List of Priests Credibly Accused of Abuse – The CWR
Diocese of Erie to Launch Survivors’ Reparation Fund in February – CNS via Crux
Vatican Urges Bishops to Meet Abuse Victims Before February Summit – Edward Pentin
Santiago Archdiocese Sends Investigation of a Priest to CDF – CNA via The CWR
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