Day: December 17, 2018


Jesuit Presbytery that Survived the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb (Credit: uCatholic)

How Jesuit Priests Survived the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Thanks to the Rosary

. . .when the Enola Gay dropped the first ever wartime use of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, a shock wave traveling three miles per second completely annihilated everything within a one-mile radius, instantly leveling the city & setting anything that remained ablaze.  One building stood miraculously upright through the chaos: a Jesuit presbytery with priests inside. . .

by Billy Ryan

of uCatholic

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Holy Spirit College (Credit: Holy Spirit College via Newman Society)

Only Catholic College in Georgia Announces Exciting Relaunch Plans

. . .beginning in the fall of 2019, college-bound students will once again have a faithful Catholic option in Georgia, with the re-launch of Holy Spirit College’s undergraduate program. . . .

from the Newman Society

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