Day: December 16, 2018


Saint John of the Cross by Diego de Sanabria (Public Domain via ChurchPOP)

10 Invigorating Quotes by St. John of the Cross to Strengthen Your Journey to Holiness

. . .1) “Strive to preserve your heart in peace; let no event of this world disturb it”. . .

by ChurchPOP

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A Franciscan Univ. of Steubenville Group Sends 50 Missionaries Worldwide – NC Register
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The Markan Sandwich – Noel Ethan Tan, Ignitum Today
Possibly Lying in Confession? Help for the Scrupulous – Jimmy Akin, National Cthlc Register
A Medieval Liturgical Commentary on the O Antiphons – G. DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
“God, Why ?” Questions, Part II – Guy McClung Ph.D. J.D., The American Catholic
Did You Know St. Dymphna is the Patroness of Mental Disorders? – Alex R. Hey, epicPew
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Count Neri Capponi, RIP – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
How to Understand Old Testament Prophecy – Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers Magazine
Hand Coloured 16th Century Pontificale Romanum – Shawn R. Tribe, Liturgical Arts Journal
Biblical Hebrew – the Gift of the Sublime Parole, Part I – Edouard Belaga Ph.D., Catholic Stand
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