Day: November 15, 2018


Jim Martin (Credit: Joseph Sciambra)

Jim Martin’s Favorite Catholic LGBT Ministry Reading Book about Two Abused Boys Who Begin a Homosexual Relationship

. . .the book tells the story of two very different 16-year old boys, Jim & Doyler.  With the backdrop of political & social upheaval in early 20th century Ireland, these two wayward & abused young men begin a friendship that eventually results in intimate relations.  While Jim is naive & shy, Doyler is more outgoing.  Jim attends a Catholic school where one of his teachers is a religious named “Brother Polycarp.” According to one reviewer, “Jim is too innocent to realise how he is being groomed by Brother Polycarp.”  In the meantime, the more streetwise Doyler meets an older gay man who pays the teenage boy for. . .

by Joseph Sciambra

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The Value of Black as a Liturgical Colour – 
Despite Asia Bibi’s Historic Acquittal, Pakistan’s Catholic Leaders Remain Silent – NCRegister
Rembrandt’s Biblical Works on Display in Denver – John Burger, Aleteia
Don’t Let Fear & Scandal Kill Charity – Constance T. Hull, Catholic Exchange
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Romains de la décadence
A.D. 1847.  Thomas Couture A.D. 1815-1879; (Credit:
Paris, musée d’Orsay)

Standing Athwart History: Can We Stop the Decline of the West?

. . .that Western culture is in an advanced state of decay is, but a consciousness of this decay goes back further than many people are probably aware.  In his 1997 book The Idea of Decline in Western History, historian Arthur Herman reveals the many phases of declinism in Western thought dating all the way back to the aftermath of the French Revolution.  (Around that time, the German writer Friedrich Schlegel went so far as to suggest that the atrocities of the Reign of Terror signaled that the “drama of human history” was drawing to a close.)  The thrust of Mr. Herman’s book is that declinism & decline theory poisoned Western thought, & decline became a self-fulfilling prophecy.  He treats the history of cultural pessimism from a variety of angles: industrialization, racial pessimism, & eco-pessimism are among them.  One motif that struck a chord with me is the idea that “material comfort & opulence have drained away all creativity & life” from the West—a theme that emerged with the onset of the Industrial Revolution & the Romantic movement & that still resonates today. . .

by Michael De Sapio

How Islamist Immigration Changes Britain: Asia Bibi Denied Entry – Douglas Murray
Islamicized Britain – Rod Dreher
Mothers Against Macron – Joy Pullman, First Things
Revisiting Harvey Milk, Jim Jones, & San Francisco’s 10 Days of Violence – Kyle Sammin, TF
Half the World’s Countries are Not Reproducing Themselves – Marcus Roberts, Mercatornet
Sweden’s Ambivalence on Immigration – Fredrik Sixtensson & Tom Gunnarsson, Amrcn Affairs
British Muslim Leaders Call for the U.K. To Give Asia Bibi Asylum – Zelda Caldwell, Aleteia
Everyone in the West Should Be Concerned About Asia Bibi – Charlotte Gill, Telegraph
Appeasing Islamists Will Only Make Europe More Dangerous – Helen Raleigh, The Federalist
Camps for Uyghurs, “Schools” Or Jails? Exclusive Report, Photos, & Footage – Li Zaili, BW
Will China’s Neighbors Speak Out on Its Uyghur Issues? – Sarah Brooks, The Diplomat
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School Cafeteria (Credit: Screenshot via The Federalist)

School Punishes Male Teacher for Refusing to Watch a Naked Girl in the Boys’ Locker Room

. . .a Florida school district allowed a self-described transgender female student access to the boys’ locker room, with no warning to parents.  The first time she walked in, she caught ‘boys (literally) with their pants down’. . .

by Joy Pullman

of The Federalist

Is There a Charity “Crisis”? – James Pierson & Naomi Schaefer Riley, City Journal
Lawyer Who Falsely Accused Brett Kavanaugh Arrested for Domestic Violence – Life News
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Ireland: Pro-Life Legislator Quits Party for Suspending Him for Voting Pro-Life – M. Bilger
Mormon Political Grip on Utah May Be Loosening – Jana Riess, RNS via Salt Lake Tribune
6 Big Election Hits by Marc Elias, Democrats’ Recount King – Fred Lucas, The Stream
Florist Case Reopens Before Washington Supreme Court – CNA via National Catholic Register
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Christian Student Senator Should be Cheered for Standing Up for Her Faith – Daniel Payne
In the State Elections, Pro-Life Victories Amid Enduring Divisions – S. Beale, NC Register
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Francesco Cesareo Chairman of the Bishops National Review Board (Credit: Catholic Philly)

Did You Notice? Review Board Chairman Urged Bishops to Resign

. . .Francesco Cesareo, Chairman of the USCCB National Review Board, delivers a series of home truths, in candid language.  He is not giving the bishops a few mild recommendations; he is taking them to the woodshed.  Saying what so many lay Catholics believe, he tells the body of bishops that they have lost the trust of their people. . .

by Phil Lawler,

of Catholic Culture

Cardinal Tobin Still Doesn’t Get It – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Just Wait. Bishops are Going to Take Action. Pretty Soon. Probably. Trust Them. – P. Lawler
Univ. of Notre Dame Backlash to Fr. Jn. Jenkin’s Soft-Pedalling McCarrick’s Crimes – R Dreher
Why Has Pope Francis Hamstrung the U.S. Bishops? – Ch. R. Altieri, The Cthlc World Report
Pope’s Approval Numbers Plunge Over Abuse Crisis – Crux
J.R.R. Tolkien’s Priest Son a Focus of U.K. Abuse Inquiry in the Archd. of Birmingham – Crux
Cardinal Errazuriz Confirms Exit from Council of Cardinals – Catholic Herald
Why Catholic Bishops Can’t Solve The Crisis – Rod Dreher
The Pope Fiddles, the Bishops Fumble, & the Laity Fume – C.E. Olson, The Cthlc World Report
The U.S. Bishops “Don’t Wanna Go to Rehab” – John Zmirak Ph.D., The Stream
USCCB Votes Down Resolution Encouraging Holy See to Release McCarrick Files – NC Rgstr
The Conversion of the Papacy & the Present Church Crisis – Douglas Farrow Ph.D., The CWR
‘What are People to Make of Our Silence?’ Bishops Discuss McCarrick in Baltimore – NC Rgstr
Six Sex Abuse Survivors Announce Lawsuit Against U.S. Bishops – Rhina Guidos, Crux
A Solid “State of the Question” Video about The Present Crisis – Fr. Z’s Blog
Blowing the Whistle on Buffalo Dioc. Abuse: Siobhan O’Connor Interview – Pt. Jesserer Smith
Sex Abuse Inquiry Examines England’s Archdiocese of Birmingham – The Cthlc World Report
Pennsylvania Bishops Announce Victim Compensation Funds – National Catholic Register
Cardinal DiNardo Hopeful for Church in the U.S. – CNA/EWTN News via The CWR
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