Day: October 4, 2018


Evil (Credit: Pinterest)

The Prelates of Sodom

. . .of Dante & Our Current Crisis. . .

by Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D.,

of The Catholic Thing

Live Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – Adorecast
Father Spadaro’s Latest Conspiracy Theory – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Ex-Gay Catholic at the Folsom Street Fair – Joseph Sciambra
They Were Planning Their Wedding Until God Called them to Religious Life – Aleteia
FBI: No Evidence Kavanaugh Allegations are True, Senate to Vote Saturday – Life News
Vatican To Allow Trump To Choose American Bishops (Warning: Satire) – EOTT
Why St. Francis of Assisi Never Became a Priest – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Francis, They Hardly Know Ye – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
The Real St. Francis? – Trent Horn, Catholic Answers Magazine
Defining Sins by Name – Mark Brumley, National Catholic Register
US Catholics’ Confidence in Pope Francis Shaken – CNA via The CWR
Doctors at Children’s Hospital Planning for Child Euthanasia in Canada – Catholic Herald
Ember Days: Recovering the Tradition of Reparation – Nicholas LaBanca, Catholic Stand
Wanted: Deputy Online Editor for Catholic Herald – Luke Coppen, Catholic Herald
Holy Hubbub: Lessons from Squabbling Saints – Rick Becker, National Catholic Register
Australian State May Criminalize Priests for Upholding Seal of Confession – Cthlc Herald
Synergy in the Liturgical Arts – 
Pope Francis Donates for Indonesia Earthquake Recovery – CNA via The CWR
Caritas Indonesia Faces Big Challenge in Reaching Disaster Survivors – Vatican News
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Synod on Young People: Thvrsday Edition

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput O.F.M. Cap., Synod on Young People, 3 October A.D. 2018 (Credit: Paul Haring of CNS via Catholic Herald)

Archbishop Chaput Tells Synod: ‘LGBTQ’ Should Not Be Used in Church Documents

. . .the archbishop argued that the Church does not ‘categorize people’ by their ‘sexual appetites’. . .

by a Staff Reporter

from Catholic Herald

The Power of Silence? Cardinal Sarah Declines Role on the Synod Cmte. – Fr. Z’s Blog
What In the Wide Wide World of Liturgical Dancing is the Pope Carrying? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Interpreting Pope Francis & the Synod – Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing
Pope Does What He Chooses & Recognizes No Limits on What He Can Do – Crisis Mgzn
Groups Feeling Excluded Tell Bishops to ‘Close Shop or Get Real’ – C. Giangravè, Crux
Five Bishops Who Could Move the Youth Synod – Ed Condon J.C.L., CNA via The CWR
7 Key Things Lacking in Youth Synod – CNS Staff, Newman Society
An Update from the Synod: #2 – Xavier Rynne II, First Things
The Youth Synod: Hermeneutic of Conspiracy – P.J. Smith, Semiduplex
Baldisseri Reproves Chaput, Says Abuse Crisis Won’t Stop Synod Success – The CWR
Silence Surrounds Abuse Crisis on Day One of Synod of Bishops – John L. Allen Jr., Crux
Young Scottish Catholics Praise Clergy Who Proclaim Orthodox Teaching – Cthlc Herald
How the Synod Works: Cardinal Shares Statistics, Working Rules – Catholic News Service
As the New Synod Opens – Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing
The 2018 Synod: Key Themes, Deep Tensions, & Many Questions – T.R. Ascik, The CWR
Concerns Generated by Lack of Clarity on Synod Voting Procedures – E. Pentin, NC Rgstr
Tweeting the Synod – Mark de Vries, In Caelo et in Terra
Informal Agenda Likely to Weigh Heavily at Synod on Youth – Inés San Martín, Crux
What Youth Really Need Today – Fr. Nicholas Gregoris, The Dispatch via The CWR

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Modern Hammer & Anvil (Credit: Old European Culture Blog)

Canon 212: Some People’s Worst Nightmare

. . .the U.S. bishops have Zero authority over the Cardinals.  The guy who did have authority turned down the request to investigate them, so what is the laity left to do?  They have to take matters in their own hands, as is their right & Duty.  See Canon 212. . .

by One Mad Mom

Videos Allegedly Show Illinois Priests Engaged in Sodomy – J.M. Hanneman, The CWR
Choose Sides! Abp. Vigano Puts Two Cardinals on the Spot – Phil Lawler, Cthlc Culture
Viganò, Act Two: While Pope Stays Silent, or Speaks in Code – S. Magister, Settimo Cielo
“Accusers”, Viganò, & the inspiration of the Holy Spirit – J. Mirus Ph.D., Cthlc Culture
Public Penance for Wayward Clerics? – Claudia Sommers Brown, Crisis Magazine
Argentinian Prelate Allegedly Acknowledged McCarrick’s Misconduct – Elise Harris, Crux
Church is Facing Its Biggest Crisis Since the Reformation – Bp. V. Long, Cth. Outlook
Card. Nichols to Face Questions about British Abuse Case – E. Condon JCL, Cthlc Herald
Viganò’s Second Letter Offers Clear Path for Investigation – Fr. R. de Souza, NC Rgstr
Priest in South Dakota Charged with Child Sex Abuse – The Catholic World Report
Florida Investigating Allegations of Sexual Abuse by Priests – Associated Press via Crux
What to Do About Corruption in the Church? – Fr. Rog. Landry, National Cthlc Register
Clergy Abuse Lawsuit Targets All California Catholic Bishops – Christopher Weber, Crux
Bishop James V. Johnston: “We Have to Address Failure” – Rus. E. Saltzman, The CWR
Bishop McElroy of San Diego Holds ‘Listening Sessions’ on Abuse Crisis – NC Register
Survivors Group Charges Milan Archbishop with Cover-up – J. Allen & I. San Martin, Crux
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Extra Note: I have had dastardly allergies, hence the gap in posts