Day: September 25, 2018


St. Basil Church in Los Angeles (Credit: Wikipedia)

Some Church Architectural Styles Really Are Profane

. . .architecture speaks, &, like a homily or proclamation of scripture, it can change us profoundly.  It preaches & teaches every time we enter a church building.  When it speaks truth it reminds us that God is central, & that we are broken & in need of a savior who offers us a place of eternal unity with God.  It reveals to us that we are on hallowed ground & should act differently than we did before we entered.  It instinctively draws us to our knees, to worship, & to focus on him.  It tells us that God, in the greatest act of love ever known to man, has given his life for us by providing his son as a sacrifice for our sins. . .

by Dan Burke,

of Crisis Magazine

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Sex Scandal & Cover-up: Tvesday Second Edition

Rainbow Flag (Credit: Flickr)

Fr. Milton Ryan Disallows the Catechism of the Catholic Church at a “Listening Session” Regarding Fr. James Lehrberger’s Catholic Homily Explaining Church Teachings on Same-Sex Attraction at Holy Trinity Church in the Diocese of Dallas

. . .a young woman pulled out a Catechism, offering to read the specific passage.  At this, some in the crowd shouted, “No!”  Fr. Ryan reasserted that there would be only listening, no teaching, & instructed her to put the Catechism away. . .

from Banks of the Trinity

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Flag of Denmark Fluttering in the Wind on a Flag Pole (Credit: vexillophilia blog)

Socialist Denmark Now Turns to Christianity

. . .the public broadcaster must give due recognition to the country’s Christian roots. . .

by Campbell Campbell-Jack, Ph.D.,

of Mercatornet

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Sex Scandal & Cover-up: Tvesday First Edition

Rainbow Flag with Joseph Cardinal Bernardin at Chicago Resurrection Parish (Credit: via The American Conservative)

Fr. Paul Kalchik: A Kind Of Martyr

. . .is Cardinal Cupich so completely unaware that he & the rest of the red robes are perceived as sixteenth-century prelates–living in their palaces, jet-setting off to Rome & mouthing pious words about immigrants & climate change while in fact an increasing number of the faithful regard them as corrupt, devious, Machiavellian Renaissance cardinals desperate to defend themselves & deflect all blame no matter what?  Did he think threatening a faithful priest would help? . . .

by Rod Dreher

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