Pope Francis & Archbishop Emeritus McCarrick (Pic Credit: Crisis Magazine)

Why I Don’t Call Anyone “Gay”

. . .the clergy sex abuse & cover-up stories have created a linguistic challenge for faithful Catholics.  Over 80 percent of these clergy abuse cases involve predatory sexual activity between adult men & younger men in less powerful positions.  Some Catholic commentators refer to these cases as “gay” to distinguish them from “pedophilia.”  Their intention is sound: the “pedophilia” label has frequently been a way to deflect attention away from abusive homosexual conduct.  I, however, maintain that we should avoid the word “gay,” & even the word “homosexual.”  Former Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s bombshell revelations about sexual abuse & the network of cover-ups raise the stakes.  We really must get the terminology right. . .

by Jennifer Roback Morse,

of Crisis Magazine

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