The Death Penalty Monday Edition

Fr. Gil Martinez Chaplain for Out at St. Paul (Pic Credit: Joseph Sciambra)

Fr. James Martin’s Favorite LGBT Ministry Asks Pope Francis to Change the Catechism

. . .St. Monica’s in Santa Monica hosts St. Monica Catholic Community Gay & Lesbian Outreach (GLO) where former member Arthur Fitzmaurice once served as the Chair of Archdiocese’s Catholic Ministry with Lesbian & Gay Persons.  At the 2015 LA Religious Education Congress hosted by Archbishop Gomez, which repeatedly features Fitzmaurice as a speaker on LGBT issues, he openly criticized “The Catechism of the Catholic Church”. . .

by Joseph Sciambra

Cardinal Dulles’s Dubia – Michael Pakaluk, First Things
Let’s Be Careful in Our Charges Regarding the New Wording – Msgr. Charles Pope, CiM
Catechism & the Death Penalty: are Catholics Right to be Worried? – Dan Hitchens, CH
Church History: A Brief Review of Papal Lapses – Pt. A. Kwasniewski Ph.D., One Peter 5
CCC 2358 on Objectively Disordered Homosexual Inclinations – Fr. Z’s Blog
Pope Pius XII: Death Penalty Not Conditioned by Historical Circumstances – Fr. Z’s Blog
Death Penalty Is Wrong But Not Intrinsically Evil or Infallible – Fr. Mt. P. Schneider L.C.
Latin of Change to CCC 2267 about Capital Punishment Now Available – Fr. Z’s Blog
Wrestling With Capital Punishment – Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic Register
A Little More on the New Catechism – P.J. Smith, Semiduplex
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