Day: July 10, 2018


Masculine & Strong Catholic Priests (Credit: Catholic Candy)

. . .our Catholic identity was devastated after the Council, particularly due to a loss of the sense of the transcendent in our worship & our church buildings.  In well-intentioned attempts to undo of the damage, some have thought to appropriate elements of Eastern Christianity, which did not undergo such a dramatic loss of the transcendent.  They started to “byzantinize” our Latin churches. . . No.  We have our own Latin traditions which ought to be recovered. . .

Live Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – Adorecast

On Happiness, Freedom, & Spiritual Formation –  F.X. Maier, T. Reichert & D. Pahman

Happiness, Freedom & Spiritual Formation: Response to Reichert & Maier – D. Pahman
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Nuns with Guns (Credit: The Catholic World Report)

An Idiosyncratic Guide to Papally-Minimalist, Free-Market Catholicism

. . .John Zmirak’s Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism is a witty, acerbic, & clear book that shows up the ongoing crisis in contemporary Catholicism. . .

by Leroy Huizenga, Ph.D.,

of The Catholic World Report

Live Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – Adorecast
A Monk & Theologian Breaks Silence on Church’s Metamorphosis – Sandro Magister, SC
UK Doctor Sacked for Being Christian – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Are the Dominicans Bringing Orthodoxy Back to the Academy? – Jos. Pearce, Nwmn Sc
Bad Christian! On Immigration, No Thinking’s Allowed – John Zmirak Ph.D., The Stream
Fr. Pfleger: Right Cause, Wrong Target – Rafael Mangual, City Journal
Unfashionable Thoughts on the Proliferation of Bibles – Rick Yoder, The Amish Catholic

Politicizing God – Regis Nicoll, Crisis Magazine
New Website: An Early Christian’s Perspective on the Mysteries of the Rosary – MotCh
Sanctifying Socialized Medicine: The National Health Service – Theodore Dalrymple, CJ

Nostra Hominum Vita – Ben Butera, The American Catholic
Museum of the Bible Highlights Universities’ Abandoned Religious Roots – J. Kabbany
10 Facts about St. Junípero Serra Every Catholic Needs to Know – C. Clifford, ChrchPP
Archeology Digs Into the Bible – Rob Schwarzwalder, The Stream
Five Things Francesca Fiorentini Gets Wrong About Socialism – Dav. Marshall, The Strm

Millenial Poll: Only 57% Know Roe v. Wade is About Abortion – Chr. Vazquez, Life News
It’s Almost Here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! – Meghan Ashley Styling
Catholic Ed.: 5 Ways “Vocation” Needs to Be Interwoven Into Everything – Luke Burgis

Why Email is the Hottest Trend in Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski, Catholic Fundraiser
Mending Walls: Why Good Fences Make Good Neighbors – John Horvat II, The Imagi. . .

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