Catholic Brit Tweet (Credit: Screengrab from Fr. Z’s Blog)

What Young Catholics Want vs. What Old Catholics Want Young Catholics to Want

. . .the late Cardinal George of Chicago [of happy memory] said, “Liberal Christianity is a failed experiment.” At this time in the church there seems to be a rise in the liberal or progressive wing of Catholicism. However, those who are concerned about this should keep several big picture aspects in mind. . .

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Exorcising Bugnini from the Roman Rite – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy
Polyamory: Complicated New Identity or Primarily About Sex? – Mark Regnerus Ph.D.
The Unlikely Rise of Jacob Rees-Mogg – David Oldroyd-Bolt, Catholic Herald
Renovation of the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary Chapel – Shawn R. Tribe, Ltrgcl Arts Jrnl
Judge Boots Suit Vs. Google, Lets YouTube Censor Pro-Life Vids – S. Ertelt & M. Bilger
The Male Pill: Roe’s Ugly Grandson – Carly Hoilman, Catholic Vote
Humanae Vitae & the Catholic Church in England: Signs of Hope – Piers Shepherd
The 3 Hacks to Successful Fundraising in the Catholic Church – Brice Sokolowski
Caught on Camera: Thief Makes Sign of the Cross Before Robbing Store – ChurchPop
Did More Than One Man Write Isaiah? – Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register
The Problem of Evil in Graham Greene’s The Hint of an Explanation – Ste. Fitzpatrick
Not Religious? Here’s Why Religious Freedom Still Matters – Art Lindsley, tIfFW&E
Networks Cover March for Our Lives 13X More Than March for Life – Katie Yoder, LN
Selah: How Big Is Your Trust Bucket? – Suellen Brewster, Catholic Stand
Doctors With Conscience Objections Have Rights – David S. Oderberg, Mercatornet
Pro-Life Stalwart Cyril Winter Dies at the Age of 70 – Victoria Gisondi, NC Register
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