Day: March 26, 2018


Doctored Photo by Aging Spirit of Vatican II Catholics (Credit: First Things)

What Young Catholics Want; Isn’t In the Pre-Synod Young People Document

. . .several French dioceses, seeking to promote their 2018 fundraising drive, had a few young Catholics take a selfie with a young priest. It was the perfect marketing image of diverse, democratic youth—but for one problem. The priest wore a cassock. This long black garment, with its thirty-three buttons, is favored by young priests who have made it the uniform of resurgent tradition. It is the symbol of what young Catholics are, and of what older Catholics don’t want them to be. . .

by Matthew Schmitz,

of First Things

The Vatican Is Wooing Silicon Valley – Sigal Samuel & Josephine Mckenna, The Atlantic
Chinese Communist Party Increases Control Over Religions – Cthlc News Service via CH
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Spirit of Vatican II Leadership of Conference of Women Religious March for More Guitar Masses (Credit: Frank J Methe via Life Site)

Pre-Synod Youth Document Rigged Against Requests for Traditional Worship?

. . .is the Vatican listening to young people? . . .

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

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