Philadelphia Eagles Praying in End-Zone (Credit: Facebook Screenshot via The Stream)

Sports Writers Lashed Out at Tony Dungy for Celebrating Christianity; Bad Move

Sports writers berated former NFL coach Tony Dungy for celebrating Christianity on Twitter and got more of a holy smack down than they bargained for.

by Joshua Gill,

of The Stream

Italian Storm – Dominic Green, City Journal
Pope Francis: More People Need to Join Pro-Life Efforts to Stop Abortion – Ste. Ertelt
Vatican Communications Reboot Continues, With Launch of New Website – Edw. Pentin
The Bioethics of Tattoos: Taking ‘Living Wills’ Too Literally? – Michael Cook, Mrctrnt
Neocatechumenal Way: Kiko Argüello Announces Successor – CNA via The CWR
Help Improve, Fill Out a 4 Minute Anonymous Survey – Big Pulpit
Going Pro with Your Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski,
An Accessible Manual for the Spiritual Journey – Fr. Roger J. Landry, Intgrtd Cthlc Life™
A Letter on Loneliness – Rick Yoder, The Amish Catholic

The University of Notre Dame Adds ‘Simple Contraceptives’ to Insurance Plan – CNA
Prepare for a Prayerful Lent – Fr. William Casey, Catholic Exchange
How This Classical Catholic School Welcomes Children with Down Syndrome – Grogan
The Catholic Faith, A Religion of Both Word & Symbol – Veronica Arntz, New Lit Mov
Life’s Vignettes & God – Edward Monti, Catholic Stand
The Art of Cultivating a Heavenly Perspective – Jonathan B. Coe, Catholic Exchange
A Christian Response to Poverty Aims for Long-Term Restoration – Stacey Singh

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