Call Me By Your Name Film (Credit: LifeSiteNews)

‘Abuse’: The Boston Globe Slams Academy-Award Nominated Gay Film That Normalizes Man-Boy Sex

by Doug Mainwaring,

of LifeSiteNews

ThinkProgress’s Proves Points on Ryan Anderson’s Book on Transgenderism – Hasson
What Every Catholic Should Know About Obadiah – Jimmy Akin, NC Register
MacDonald, Peterson, Paglia . . . The New Sources Mark Bauerlein, First Things

The China Syndrome – Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing
Turning Dutch Doctors Into Executioners Has Led to Suicide on Demand – J. Van Moren
Planned Parenthood Tweets on Baby Doctors Saved While in Womb – Fr. M Hodges, LSN
Getting Your Online Presence Right – Brice Sokolowski,
There’s No Consistent Atheist System of Morality or Ethics – Wil. M. Briggs Ph.D., SttS!
Spanish Law Mandates Gay Indoctrination for Catholic Schools, Families – MC Hoffman
Utilitarianism Goes on a Charm Offensive – Michael Cook, Mercatornet
Musings of a Young Millennial Parent – Cameron Edman, Catholic Stand
A “Common Word” Versus Common Sense – William Kilpatrick Ph.D., Crisis Magazine
Church of Scientology Forced Abortion on Member – Micaiah Bilger,
The Greatest Foe of Poverty – Joe Carter, Acton Institute
Enlightenment Origins of Contemporary Atheism – Clifford Staples Ph.D., Crisis Mgzn

Cuban Priests Wrote to Raúl Castro Calling for Free Elections – Alberto de la Cruz, BB
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