Joseph Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun in St. Peters Square (Credit: AP Photo/Andrew Medichini via CNA)

The Vatican Ditches Underground Catholic Church, Makes Deal With Communist Government

by John Zmirak, Ph.D.,

of The Stream

The Canon Modernist Catholics Hate the Most? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Analyzing a Christian Tirade Against the Eucharist – Ben Butera, The American Catholic
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Transgenderism: A State-Sponsored Religion? – Andre Van Mol M.D., Public Discourse
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Lib MP Breaks Ranks to Blast Trudeau’s Ban on Grants for Pro-Lifers – L. Laurence, LSN
Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums: Tickets, Opening Hours. . . – Catholic Herald
Is There Hope in God’s Providence During Desolation? – Matt Chicoine, Catholic Stand
Kurdish Christian Converts Pray for Deliverance from Turkey – Jn. Zmirak Ph.D., Strm
Mass for Vocations at the Pantheon – Mornac, Rorate Cæli
Pope Decries Religious Persecution in Meeting with Yazidis – CNA via The CWR
Turpin Abuse Case Prompts Debate on Homeschool Oversight – Kevin Jones, CNA
Mission Must Be at the Heart of Journalism, Pope Says – Hannah Brockhaus, CNA
Amid Deadly Protests, Pope Francis Appeals for Peace in Congo – CNA via The CWR
Crisis in Cameroon: Cardinal Tumi Criticizes Military Violence – CNA/EWTN News
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