Joseph Cardinal Tobin (Credit: Archdiocese of Newark)

The New York Times to Cardinal Tobin: Prove That God is Real

by Joan Frawley Desmond,

of the National Catholic Register

Fr. Jm. Martin Argues That the Catechism Contributes to SSA Youth Suicide – Sciambra
While Catholic Schools Are Closing, Cristo Rey Are Opening New Schools – Geo. Weigel
Bishop Robert E. Barron S.T.D.: Don’t Water Down Christianity – CNA via The CWR
Facebook Bias Crippling Catholic Ads, Critic Says – CNA via The Catholic World Report
St. Francis De Sales: 5 Steps to a Good Morning – Ch. McKinney, Cthlc Spiritual Direction
Card. Brandmüller on Luther, Amoris Lætitia, Dubia & Now – Schwiback, Kath via CWR
Facing the Destruction of Divorce – Leila Miller, Catholic Answers Magazine

Obscure Rule That Allows a Person to Ride a Horse in St. Peters Basilica – uCatholic
Science: Majority of Kids Stop Feeling “Transgender” as They Get Older – A. Randall
Church Survives For 2,000 Years: Possible or Probable? – Dan Byron, Catholic Stand
Young People Increasingly Attracted to Gregorian Chant – CNS via Catholic Herald
Video Producer Sues YouTube for Censoring Pro-Life Videos – Micaiah Bilger, Life News
Jefferson’s “Master Epicurus” & the Nature of the American Regime – Aaron A. Zubia

Archbishop: Is the Nigerian Government Looking for Missing Nuns? – CNA/EWTN News
Taxes & Parental Educational Autonomy – John Grondelski, Ethika Politika

Fr. Piero Gheddo, Envoy to the Peripheries, Dies at 88 – Andrea Gagliarducci, CNA
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