Pope Benedict XVI holding an ‘Anglican’ Cross with an Agnus Dei in the middle & the Four Evangelists at its extremities (Credit:

Of Ratzinger & His ‘Anglican’ Crucifix

by Father John Hunwicke,

of Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment

Possible Ordinariate Solution for Anglo-Catholics Re: Female ‘Bishops’ – Fr. Hunwicke
Church Bells That Have Rung Since 1779 Silenced After One Noise Complaint – BBC
What’s In a Name: English Catholicism? Anglican Patrimony? – Shane Schaetzel, CitO
Law: Replacing Sunday Reading with a Style of the Lectio Divina – Fr. Hunwicke, FHME
Guardian Digs Into Faith of UK’s Most Private Christian Believers – Terry Mattingly, GR
Tolkien’s Birthday – Charles A. Coulombe, The Anglicanorum Cœtibus Society Blog
CofE Schools Ask Kids to Report ‘Homophobic/Transphobic’ Teachers – L.M. Klett, TGH
David Warren, Anglican Patrimony – Christopher Mahon, The Anglicanorum Cœtibus. . .
Bronwen Astor Praying for Christian Unity – Antique Richborough
Southern Cross Ordinariate: Snapshot of Aussie Society – Msgr. H. Entwistle, TACSB
‘Wyle New Year Watz So Yep That Hit Watz Newe Cummen. . .’ – A Clerk of Oxford
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