Female Male Binary (Credit: iStockphoto via The Stream)

The Great PC Purge of Our Language Is Coming

by William M. Briggs, Ph.D.,

of The Stream

Liturgical Calendar: Interview, Architect Turned Artist – Scott Smith, All Roads. . .
Why Every American Should Study Western Heritage 101 – Joy Pullman, The Federalist
Ordinary People Against the Multiculturalist Intellectuals – Christopher DeGroot, TIC
What C.S. Lewis Can Teach Us About America’s Pronoun Wars – Sean Davis, The FdrlstPo
London’s Tunnel Project Reveals Layers of Archaeological Finds – Zelda Caldwell, Alet.
Beauty Will Save the World – Gregory Wolfe, The Imaginative. . .
How to Get Kids Interested in Classical Music – Lauren Turner, Aleteia
Trinity Dome at Mary’s Shrine Offers Encounter With Beauty – Jem Sullivan, NC Rgstr
Without Knowledge of Christianity, We Can’t Appreciate Religious Art – Fr. Lucie-Smith
Faith of Our Founders: The Role of Religion in America’s Founding – Mark D. Hall, TIC
What Is the ‘Judeo-Christian Tradition’? – Jeremy Fuzy, Big Questions Online
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