Tvesday Culture of Life Edition

The Pill (Credit: Community in Mission)

The “Fruits” of Contraception

by Monsignor Charles Pope,

of Community in Mission

2 Years of Euthanasia in Quebec: Accelerating Past Belgium – Aubert Martin, Mrctrnt
States Avoiding Little Sisters In Court While Fighting Their Legal Win – M. Cleveland
Irish Media Falsely Claims Most People Want to Legalize Abortion – Dave Andrusko, LN
Learning from the Past of the U.S. Pro-Life Movement – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Attending Dutch March for Life Reminded Me of Book of Psalms – J. Van Maren, LSN
Hundreds March Against Abortion in New Zealand – Michelle Kaufman, LifeSiteNews

Nets Refuse to Cover Just. Dept. Investigating Planned Parenthood – Katie Yoder, LN
Abp. Msusa: Abortions Violate Rights of Unborn; Willful Killing of Innocent Life – Bilger
U. of New Mexico Face FBI Investigation for Selling Aborted Baby Parts – M. Bilger, LN
Costa Ricans Stand Up in Defense of Life at Massive March – Fr. Mark Hodges, LSN
Amnesty Internat’l Ireland Refuses to Pay Back Illegal Cash f/Pro-Abort Campaign – CH
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