Egyptian Coptic Altar (Credit: Mercy McNab via Aleteia)

The Copts: A Few Facts You Might Not Have Known about Egypt’s Christians

by John Burger,

of Aleteia

The World’s First Christian Country? – Amanda Proença Santos & Rodolfo Contreras, BBC
What’s Behind the Turkish “Seizure” of Church Properties? – John Burger, Aleteia
Orthodox Churches in Decline, Except in Ethiopia; A Survey – Sandro Magister, Sttm Cl
Egypt Approves Churches Law Despite Angry Christian Opposition – AP via Crux
Egyptian Pres. Promised to Build Country’s Largest Church – Jardine Maladao, Pravmir
Path of Holy Family’s Exile in Egypt to Become World Heritage Site – Z. Caldwell, Alet.
Egyptian Pope Tawadros Inaugurates First Coptic Church in Japan – Egypt Independent
The Faithful Witness of Coptic Christians – The Editors, National Catholic Register
Will Egypt take Step Towards Religious Freedom with New Law? – Matt Hadro, CNA
What the World Could Learn from the Witness of Egypt’s Christians – Matt Hadro, CNA
Coptic Christians’ Endless Struggle for Survival in Egypt – Samuel Tadros, NRO
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