Partial screenshot of Lord of the World book cover.

Rereading “Lord Of The World” by Fr. Robert Hugh Benson – Brrr!

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

EU Warns Poland Not to Pass Pro-Life Law – Jonathan Abbamonte, LifeNews.com
Latest Update on Father Andrew Apostoli’s Health – Joseph Pronechen, NC Register
New Priest Appointed Aux. Bishop of Brownsville – H. Brockhaus of CNA via The CWR
Senate Tax Bill Got an Excellent Last-Minute Improvement – Brian Burch, Catholic Vote
ABC Censors Christian Baker & Same-Sex Couple Case, Others Cover – K. Yoder, MRC
Citizenship, Inclusive Republic & Anglo-American Common Law –  Green/Upham, PD
The Benedict Option In Australia – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Have We Lost Touch with the Apostles Since Vatican II – Fr. De Souza, Catholic Herald
What We Can Learn from the Cardinals Who Survived Communism – J. Luxmoore, CH
You Better Watch Out, St. Nicholas is Coming to Town – Chr. B. Warner, The CWR
Catholic Business Advice From a Fortune 500 Businessman – Laura Hensley, epicPew
St. Francis Xavier’s Arm Gets Own Plane Seat for Canada Tour – Catholic Herald
Anti-Ideals, Anti-Theologies – James Kalb J.D., The Catholic World Report
Abandoning Condemnation for Mercy – Anne DeSantis, Catholic Stand
Riding to Faith on the Wheels of Music – Bob Kurland Ph.D., The American Catholic
Baker Argues for Cake & Conscience at Supreme Court – CNA/EWTN News via The CWR
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