Day: November 16, 2017


Nuns for Choice (Credit: Fr. Z’s Blog)

The Dying Out of Women Religious & the Crisis of Religious, Priestly Vocations, Wherein Fr. Z Rants

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Council Votes 33-1 to Ban Pro-Life Vigil Attended by Bishop – Catholic Herald
The Sexual Revolution Turns Ugly – Stephen Baskerville, Crisis Magazine
Resist “Prayer Shaming” This Thanksgiving – Clementi Lisi, The Catholic Thing
Transgenders Victorious, Detransitioners Tell a Different Story – W. Heyer, The Fdrlst
Humanity Itself Has To Become Fluid: Gender Dysphoria On The March – Rod Dreher
The Fighting Irish Aren’t Fighting Anymore – Sherry Antonetti, Nat’l Catholic Register
Married Priests & Missionary Failure – Fr. Raymond J. de Souza, Nat’l Catholic Register
A Catholic Defense of Capital Punishment: Review – Greg Mockeridge, TACatholic
Only Totalitarian Nations Artists Forced to Create Art Against Beliefs – S. Klemond, Reg
“Hindu Radicals Want To Eliminate Us. Help Us,” Says the Bishop of Sagar – Asia News
Saudi Media on Card. Raï’s Visit: Fraternity & Peace in Shadow of Hariri Affair – AN
House Passes Tax Plan Admitting Unborn Children are Human Beings – S. Ertelt, LN
Solanus Casey, Humble Doorkeeper Priest Will Fill Football Stadium – L. Peterson, Al.
London’s Mayor Backs Ban on Pro-Life Vigils Outside Abortion Clinics – Catholic Herald
Modern Elites Have Forgotten the Christian Origins of Liberalism – Dys. Heydon, M-net
Foster Parenting: the Forgotten Piece in Adoption Debate – Fr. Mt. Schneider L.C., CS


Christopher Tolkien (Credit:

Goodbye Christopher Tolkien

by Dave Griffey,

of Daffey Thoughts

Filipino Exorcist Warns Against “Satanic Rosaries”, Should You Really Worry – ChrchPp
Warning about Ordaining Married Priests by a Married Priest – Fr. R.G. Cipolla, RCæli
Quæritur: Firearms at Mass, Laity & Priests – Updated – Fr. Z’s Blog
Criticizing the Critics of Amoris Lætitia, But Never Engaging Them – Geo. Weigel, CWR
Why Naumann’s Big Win Isn’t Necessarily All about Pope Francis – Jn. L. Allen Jr., Crux
Lady Explains How Her Mother Was Euthanized Without Consent – A. Schadenberg, LN
3 Steps to Your Best Year-End Campaign Ever – Brice Sokolowski,
House Votes on Unborn Child Tax Credit, Included in Tax Code – J. Popik J.D., LN
Vandals Carry Out ‘Provocative’ Desecration of Philippines Chapel – Susan Byron, CH
Report: U.S. Bishops Choose Delegates for 2018 Synod – CNA via The CWR
UK Christian Teacher Suspended for Accidentally Calling Trans Kid Right Gender – CMR
FBI Requests Planned Parenthood Docs, Signaling Possible Investigation – CNA via NCRg
Quæritur: Scheduling a Specific Mass for a Profession: IT Professionals – Fr. Z’s Blog
I Know a Man: Gratitude and the God of Thanksgiving – Mark C. McCann, Catholic Stand
Cath. Lobby Gp Slams Scottish Govt’s Plan to Make Changing Gender Easier – CH
How to Connect with Pope Francis on Facebook & Submit Prayer Requests – uCatholic