Reading a Book (Credit: AdobeStock via Catholic Answers Magazine)

Protestant Traditions You Won’t Find in the Bible

by Trent Horn,

of Catholic Answers Magazine

Does it Matter That the Texas Shooter Was an Atheist – Patti M. Armstrong, NC Register
Statistics We Refuse to Collect – Anthony M. Esolen Ph.D., Crisis Magazine
The Principled Ambivalence of Pope Francis – Robert P. Imbelli, First Things
Why No One Trusts the Mainstream Media – Donald R. McClarey J.D., TACatholic
Why So Much Hatred Against Christians in America Today? – M. Brown Ph.D., The Strm
Popular Anti-Christian Author Pens New Anti-Christian Book – Harley J. Sims, Mrctrnt
Authorities Rule Out Anti-Christian Animus as Motive for Texas Killer; How? – Archbold
The Weird Attack on ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ – Joshua Charles, The Stream
Sexual Difference Runs Deep, New Research Shows – Jenny Graves, Mercatornet
Degrees of Sin — Separation from God – Jean Elizabeth Seah, Ignitum Today
Ecumenical Mass Idea May Be Dead, But What’s Next – Fr. A. Lucie-Smith Ph.D., CH
Reserving the Eucharist at Home – Fr. Edward McNamara, Zenit
On Choosing a Movie – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand
The Heresy of Atheism – Fr. David Andrew Fisher, Crisis Magazine
Is Euthanasia for Psychological Suffering Changing Belgian Medicine? – M. Cook, M-net
Pope Offers Prayers for Victims of Texas Church Shooting – Elise Harris, CNA via NCReg
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