Monday Revolution, Not Reformation Edition

Stanley Hauerwas, Ph.D. (Credit: The Work of the People)

Why Am I Not a Catholic?

by Stanley Hauerwas, Ph.D.,

of The Washington Post

Reformation, Revolution, and Beyond? – Mark Brumley, National Catholic Register
Who Was the Real Martin Luther? – Steve Weidenkopf, National Catholic Register
Luther a Revolutionary, Not a Reformer – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
How Sola Scriptura Actually Weakens the Authority of the Bible – Stephen Beale, NCRg
Protestant Revolution: Life & Errors of Luther – Bp. Wm. L. Adrian D.D., The Wanderer
How Protestants Still Get Justification Wrong – Stephen Beale, Crisis Magazine
Catholic Reform Began Before Martin Luther – Matthew E. Bunson, NC Register
Did Luther Rescue the Bible in German from Utter Obscurity? – Dave Armstrong, NCReg
Five Hundred Years – David Warren, The Catholic Thing
Luther Favored Death, Not Religious Freedom, For ‘Heretics’ – Dave Armstrong, NCReg
Martin Luther: Father of Modern Liberty or Political Absolutism? – R. Reilly, The CWR
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