Day: October 19, 2017


Saint John Paul IISt. John Paul II was a Sublime Visionary but had an Achilles Heel

by Father George Rutler,

of Catholic Herald

On the Lowly, Yet Vital, Importance of Chastity, Re: Bp. Rb. McElroy – M. Minerd Ph.D., H&PR
Scholars Debate Impact of Pope Francis’ Statement on Death Penalty – Stephen Beale, NCReg
Italian Bishop Praises Luther and Revolt as Work of the Holy Spirit – Fr. Z’s Blog
Does the Devil Assign a Demon To Torment Us? – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
The Hero-Martyrs of North America – Christopher Check, Catholic Answers Magazine
Quote for the Day: St. Augustine – Bob Kurland Ph.D., The American Catholic
Saint for Persistent but Discouraged: Blessed Thaddeus McCarthy – Meg Hunter-Kilmer, Alet.
Is a Confession App a Substitute for the Confessional? – Fr. Joshan Rodrigues, Aleteia
Jesus Christ, the “New” Adam – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Stand
Why Catholicism? An Interview with Brandon Vogt (Podcast) – Catholic Exchange
How to Fit Fundraising Into Your Catholic Faith – Brice Sokolowski, Catholic Fundraiser


Blessed John Henry Newman (Photo Credit: Screenshot from Catholic News Service via Catholic Herald)

We Won’t Live To See Europe’s Christian Revival – But It Will Happen

by Stephen Bullivant,

of Catholic Herald

FAQs on Catalonia, Scotland and Separatism Generally – Charles Crawford, the commentator
Why Russia Thinks It’s Exceptional – Gregory Carleton, Mercatornet
A Bloody 100th Birthday for the Russian Revolution – John Zmirak Ph.D., The Stream
Russia’s Workforce Decline: Fruits of Collapsing Birthrates – Marcus Roberts, Mercatornet
Europe at a Crossroads – Anian Christoph Wimmer, CNA/EWTN News
October 19, 1781: British Surrender at Yorktown – Donald R. McClarey J.D., TACatholic
Kiwi Surprise: New Zealand Tilts Left – Anthony Fensom, Oceania Blog
5 Super Weapons U.S. Military Never Built that Would Have Dominated – Rob. Farley, TNI
1.9 Million Dead: Nothing Worse Than the Battle of Stalingrad – Daniel L. Davis, The Skptcs
This Is What a War Between China & Taiwan Would Look Like – J. Michael Cole, TNI
Putin’s Politicization of Soviet History – Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center


Nuclear Ghosts Polygon Cement Blocks (Photo Credit: Phil Hatcher-Moore of National Geographic)

This Is What Nuclear Weapons Leave in Their Wake

by Alexandra Genova,

Photographs by Phil Hatcher-Moore,

of National Geographic

Adios, California – Steve Baldwin, The American Spectator
Why Christians could Be Frozen Out on Campus – Dennis Sewell, Catholic Herald
Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Predators – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Time for GOP to Stop Dems Stalling Judicial Nominations – Ilya Shapiro, The Federalist
The Problem is Also Our All-consuming Cultural Obsession with “Sex” – M. Walther, The Week
Abolish The FDA; Does Patients More Harm Than Good – Kalman Knizhnik, The Federalist
Hillary, Uranium, Russian Bribes and the Shame of the FBI – Al Perrotta, The Stream
The Iconoclasts Come For World War I Memorials – John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist
Confirmed: 99% of Union Dues Go To Secular-Leaning Causes – Grace Carr, The Stream
It’s Time to Take a Stand Against Sexualized Halloween Costumes – Dena Dyer, Aleteia
Social Justice Warriors Coming for Mathematics – William M. Briggs Ph.D., The Stream
On the Death and Resurrection of Hollywood – K.V. Turley, Crisis Magazine
Who Should Teach Your Kids—Harvey or Hildebrand? – Carl R. Trueman, First Things
Hawaii: Spam Heists Prompt Retailers to Put Food Under Lock – Fred Barbash, Wshngtn Post
Diversity and Doublethink – Joseph Pearce, The Imaginative. . .
What Tax Reform Owes Families – Josh McCabe, Institute for Family Studies


A Knight Surrenders (Photo Credit: Fr. Richard Heilman of Roman Catholic Man)

The Problem of Effeminate Men

by Father Richard Heilman,

of Roman Catholic Man

Do Ghosts Really Exist? – Charlie McKinney, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Pro-Abort Students at Catholic Univ. Vandalize Crosses to Remember the Aborted – Life News
Irish Bishops Push Homosexuality at 2018 World Meeting of Families – P. Baklinski, Life Site
Quæritur: Must Priest Wear Cassock to Celebrate Traditional Latin Mass – Fr. Z’s Blog
Univ. of Notre Dame Restores Previously Banned Homosexual Film Festival – Sph. Buono, TCF
The Benefits of Secularism Revealed – Bill Donohue, Catholic League
Gather a Community before You Gather Donors – Brice Sokolowski, Catholic Fundraiser
Short Forms of the Readings: Distorting the Gospel? – Matthew Hazell, New Liturgical Mvmnt
Should Catholics Go to Reformation Events? – Matt Nelson, Catholic Answers Magazine
Why Mass Doesn’t Need to be “New and Improved” – Fr. Robert McTeigue, Aleteia
Can Catholics Believe in Karma? – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery
Quæritur: What is a “Privileged Altar”? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Our Lady of Gietrzwald: Poland’s Only Approved Marian Appearance – Aleteia
Radical Feminists Deface Argentine Cathedral in Abortion Protest – Inés San Martín, Crux
The Catholic Faith: A Life-Altering Journey – Mark C. McCann, Catholic Stand
Newman on the Suspense of the Functions of the Magisterium – P.J. Smith, Semiduplex


Salisbury Cathedral West Front Niche (Photo Credit: Traveller Information Blog)

The Church of England May Be in Decline, but It’s Got at Least One Thing Right

by Stephen Bullivant,

of Catholic Herald

A Few Points of Contrast Between the English Cardinals – Rick Yoder, The Amish Catholic
England’s Buckfast Abbey to Celebrate 1,000 Years of Foundation – Elise Harris, Cthlc Herald
Catholic Identity–Anglican Identity – Deborah Gyapong, Anglicanorum Cœtibus Soc. Blog
Buckfast Abbey Still Operating Since A.D. 1018 – Fr. John Hunwicke, Fr Hunwicke’s. . .
The Benedict Option and the Ordinariates – Deborah Gyapong, Anglicanorum Cœtibus. . .
Blessed John Henry’s gifts to the English (and Welsh!) Church – Fr. John Hunwicke, FHME
Book Pick: Holiness in a Secular Age: The Witness of Cardinal Newman – S. Mann, NC Rgstr
Newman’s Conversion . . . a Different Angle! – Fr. John Hunwicke, Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual. . .
Giving Thanks in the Anglican Way – Christopher Mahon, Anglicanorum Cœtibus Society. . .
Walsingham, and the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy – Fr. John Hunwicke, Fr Hunwicke’s. . .
Continuing Anglican Groups Sign Accord – Deborah Gyapong, Anglicanorum Cœtibus. . .


Soup Kitchen (Photo Credit: Acton Institute)

Statism, the Rule of Law, and the Breakdown of Western Civilization

by Barry Brownstein, Ph.D.,

of Transatlantic Blog

via the Acton Institute

NATO vs. Russia: Why Europe’s Greatest Risk for War Is in the Baltics – Dave Majumdar, TNI
Europe’s New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam – Giulio Meotti, Gtstn Inst.
After Catalonia, Italy Steps Up for Autonomy Votes – Tim Hedges, the commentator
How Long Can Turkey and America Keep up Their Alliance? – J.W. Walker & S. Bardakci, TNI
Future China: Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, or Semi-democracy – Gehringer/Tofall, Glblst
Scots Nationalists Mired in Confusion Over Catalonia – Tom Gallagher, the commentator
China and Russia’s Dangerous Entente – Alexander Gabuev, Carnegie Moscow Center
Can Technology Facilitate Democracy? The Case of India – Arun Maira, the Globalist
Russia-U.K. Relations Post-Brexit: Opportunity or Dead End? – Sarah Lain, CMC
ASEAN’s Post-Marawi Islamic State Challenge – Prashanth Parameswaran, Flashpoints
The Fall of Russia’s Regional Governors – Natalya Zubarevich, Carnegie Moscow Center


Flag of China (Photo Credit: Wonderful Engineering)

Social Media in China: The Great Distraction

by Andrés Ortega,

of the Globalist

Vet Supports Tackling Bigotry, But Flag Protests are Very Insulting – L. Adreon, The Fdrlst
Studies: Birth Control, Contraception Don’t Reduce Unintended Pregnancies – M. New Ph.D.
I Was an Eight-Year-Old Drag Queen – Chad Felix Greene, Public Discourse
The Winnowing Of The Protestant Churches – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Symbol of Hope: U.S. Flag Survives California Wildfires – Nancy Flory, The Stream
Pro-life Gillespie & Pro-Abort Northam Battle in Close Virginia Gov’s Race – D. Andrusko, LN
Court: 90-yr-old Vet Memorial Unconstitutional’ for Containing Cross – Jonah Bennett, Strm
Satanic Temple Co-Founder: Fight Pro-life Laws to Push Split of Church & State – M. Bilger, LN
When HUD Can Help – Mene Ukueberuwa, City Journal
Burying Air Berlin: Curious World of French Pragmatism, German Statism – S. Richter, Glblst
Medieval Nuns Recycled before Recycling was Cool – Zelda Caldwell, Aleteia
Bringing Back McKinley – Michael Lind, The National Interest
Translation Technology Useful, But Should Not Replace Learning Languages – M. Haugh, M-net
How Music & Memorization Can Save Our Failing Schools – A. Holmquist, The Imaginative. . .
The Inheritance Tax: A Fiscal & Moral Case Study – Ángel M.G. Carmona, Transatlantic Blog
If Not Even the Boy Scouts Can Celebrate Boys, They’re in Big Trouble – L. Moylan, The Fdrlst