G.K. Chesterton and St. Francis (Photo Credit: The Imaginative Conservative)

The Joy Of Traditionalism

by Rod Dreher

If ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ is Myth, Why Black Americans Believe It? – M. Brown Ph.D., Strm
J.R.R. Tolkien Took Issue With Being Described “Abstruse” – Eleanor Parker, History Today
Abortion Practitioners Often Suffer from Mental Disorders; Examples – Cheryl Sullenger, LN
Anthony Weiner’s Rise & Fall is the Ultimate New York City Political Saga – Bob McManus, CJ
Germany Revolts – Samuel Gregg D.Phil., The Stream
Subtle Propaganda and Global Warming? – Dave Griffey, Daffey Thoughts
OKCupid’s Abortion Push Will Keep Millennials Unhappy – Marlo Safi, Catholic Vote
The NFL Had A Product Problem Before It Had A Politics Problem – B. Domenech, The Fdrlst
Are America and North Korea Destined for War? – Daniel L. Davis & Harry J. Kazianis, TNI
Reducing Abortion by Incentivizing Adoption – Julia D. Hejduk Ph.D., Public Discourse
Germany’s ‘Lame Duck’ Chancellor – Rachel Ansley, Atlantic Council
Millennials, Marriage, and the ‘Success Sequence’ – Joseph Sunde, Powerblog
Merkel’s Costly Victory – Bettina Vestring, Berlin Policy Journal
Belief in Free Speech is Collapsing Among Young Americans – Alex Chediak, The Stream
Man “Persistent Vegetative State” 15 Years, Has Signs of Consciousness – W. Smith J.D., LN
After Disaster: Hard Work of Rebuilding Must be Led from the Grassroots – K. McCarthy, CJ
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