Puerto Rico (Photo Credit: The Federalist)

In Maria’s Wake, It’s Time To End The Jones Act

by Rich Cromwell

of The Federalist

Kaepernick Took Knee, Was Feted; Joseph Kennedy Took Knee, Was Sued – J. Lange, Fdrlst
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Roy Moore Wins – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
When You Think There is Nowhere Else to Go but Gay – The Joseph Sciambra Blog
Anyone Notice Arguments For National Anthem Protests are Poor? – Dave Griffey, Dffy Thts
Trump Should Target NFL’s Special Legal Privileges, Not Players’ Politics – P. Magness, Fdrlst
It’s Time to Start Defending American Ideals & The West Again – Jon. Greenberg, The Fdrlst
Investing in What World’s Poor Want: Response to Bill & Melinda Gates – N. Wolfe, Mrctrnt
Time for China to Talk Korean War Plans with America? – Christopher Scott, The Natl Intrst
Eternal America? – Brother Timothy Danaher O.P., Catholic Exchange
What Has Facebook Done to Political Discourse? – T. Adams Upchurch, The Imaginative. . .
Lone Star Chamber – Mark Pulliam, City Journal
East-West European Conflict – Bettina Vestring, Berlin Policy Journal
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