Anarchists Shopping in Seattle
(Photo Credit: The Catholic Thing)

Totalitarianism, Anarchism, and Our Growing Discontents

by David R. Carlin,

of The Catholic Thing

Sweden’s Twitter Account Gives Perfect Reason for its Demise – Matthew Archbold, CMR
Twitter Censors then Blackmails Pro-Life Websites – Micaiah Bilger,
The Agony of the Welfare State, Finnish Style – Joseph T. Salerno, Mises Institute
Why America’s Nuclear Aircraft Carriers are No Better than Old Battleships – Rob. Farley, TNI
Ben Shapiro Eviscerates Jimmy Kimmel’s Health Care Tirades – Curtis Houck,
Diversity and Comics – John C. Wright, SciFi Wright
Anti-First Amendment Culture Emerges – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Abortion Ended Worldwide Forever; What If. . . – Guy McClung Ph.D. J.D., TACatholic
The New Pro-Life Movement: Been There, Done That – Peter Wolfgang, Crisis Magazine
JFK, Amy Coney Barrett, and Anti-Catholicism – The Editors, National Catholic Register
Five Facts About Families and Poverty – Alysse ElHage, Institute for Family Studies
Govt Regulation & Crony Capitalism Keeping Many in Florida without Power – T. Bishop, MI
That Aaron Hernandez had CTE is Devastating News for the NFL – Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports
What are Pro-life Oregonians to Do? Moral Action & Unjust Public Funding – Joe Kral, TaChF
Sam Francis & The Drama Of Trollhättan – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Free Enterprise Is World’s Only Successful Strategy for Reducing Poverty – D. Mitchell, FEE
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