Father James Martin, S.J., and His Allies: Intolerance Masked as a Plea for Tolerance

by Phil Lawler,

of Catholic Culture

McElroy and Chaput on Chastity – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head
A Memoir I Never Expected to Write – George Weigel, First Things
Fr. James Martin & CUA Pres. Garvey’s Less-than-Convincing Statement – Nicole Stacy, CV
4 American Catholic Beers You Need to Try – Chloe Langr, epicPew
“Don’t Judge”: A Resource Guide for Catholics – Jeanette DeMelo, Natl Catholic Register
A Theology on His Knees: Pp. Benedict XVI’s Example to Priests – Kathy Schiffer, NC Register
“The Restoration of Man”: Cardinal Carlo Caffarra’s Final Testimony – The Cthlc World Report
How To Trust God – Charlie McKinney, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Quæritur: Proposals to Priests to “Enrich” the Novus Ordo from Tradition – Fr. Z’s Blog
Notes for Australian Catholics Regarding ‘Same-sex Marriage’ Postal Vote – Peters J.C.D., CWR
A Brief History of the Roman Rite Fr. Donald L. Kloster, Liturgy Guy
For the First Time in 30 Years, Sistine Choir to Perform in the US – Perry West, CNA
Liturgical Notes on the Ember Days of September – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Mvmnt
How to Find More & More & More Donors (& Then Even More) – Brice Sokolowski, Cth Fndrsr
Parable of Workers in the Vineyard; Sun. Mass Readings Explained; Video – B. Pitre Ph.D., TSP
Pope Francis Prays for Mexico During This ‘Moment of Sorrow’ – CNA via The CWR
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